Time Poor!?

Hello, My Friends

Time Poor?
What exactly does being time poor mean?

We have less time than anyone else?
We have more things to do than anyone else?

Who decided what you ‘have’ to do?
Who decides when you ‘have’ to do anything?

How you answer these questions will say a lot about your view of time and your control around it.

How on earth did we manage before we had timing devices?
There was day, and there was night.
During the day we did certain things, mainly because it was easier and safer to see hazards.
At night we rested, because it was safer to not be out and about.

Are your timing devices running your life?
Do you eat to a time schedule? Who created this schedule?
Do you listen to your body, when it tells you needs to eat? Or have you trained your body to eat at set times.
All our lives we have been trained to eat at set times, school has timetables for eating, work has timetables for eating, restaurants have timetables for eating.

When was the last time you actually listened to your body?

Time poor, what does this actually mean?
I’m interested to hear your point of view on what being time poor means, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Until next timeā€¦
Be your most authentic self.

oxoxo Linda

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