Dynamic Living: Create your own supportive environment

Dynamic Living: Create your own supportive culture.

Hello, My Friends

Being the energy you want to attract, will make it easier to surround yourself with supportive people.

The people we mix with have a huge impact on how we see ourselves, our goals and our values.
If we are mixing regularly with people who don’t think in the manner we are thinking, it will be harder for us to retrain our brains to think in new ways.
It’s a bit like hitting a home run ball in baseball, and trying to run all the bases with the home base team member attached to your leg.
The heavier the person the slower you’ll run, the faster you will tire and want to stop, and if you don’t stop, being determined to complete what you have started, it will be so much more wearying than if you had someone cheering you along, giving you tips and hints on where to run, how to get from one plate to the next. The best way to swing the bat, how to train before you step up to the plate.

That is the difference between surrounding yourself with people heading in the same direction as you, wanting the same goals as you.

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Joining clubs, where you will be around people who are doing what you want to do, who are learning similar things as you.
These groups give you the opportunity to give of your expertise, to instill into other people the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Begin to create your own culture, decide who you want to be, and show up like that person.
Attract other people who think like you do, to yourself.
It is important to create an environment that supports your dynamic life.
This can be to eliminate everything that doesn’t resonate with who you are becoming.
To become someone you’ve never been, you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done.
The things in your home, your office, your car and your wardrobe can all be things that define you.
Check out how they define you, are they defining you from your past, or from your future self.
Do the people you spend the most time with encourage you to become your best self in words and actions?

Reach out to people who inspire you.
Do not block the energy with your doubting energy, allow them to respond to you instead of you deciding in advance that they wouldn’t be interested in you.
You never know they may be looking for someone exactly like you, and you are answering their call as well.

Create supportive systems of people with similar values, goals and plans.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is We become like the people we spend the most time with. Choose carefully.

oxoxo Linda

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