Dynamic Living: The Middleman gets the best of you

Dynamic Living: The middleman gets the best of you.

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Carrying on with yesterday’s topic of commitment, I find the thing most people get stuck on is being able to commit to themselves.

Committing to others, showing up when we say we’re going to, is often easier than showing up for ourselves.

We barter with ourselves, tell ourselves it’s not that important, we put ourselves at the end of the list of things to take care of.

Everything you do, you do for the feeling you believe you get from doing that thing.

The middleman is anything you place between your emotions and you so you don’t have to deal with your emotions.

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By making a commitment to yourself, to care for yourself you are removing the middleman.
And we all know that things can get pretty distorted when we go through the middleman.
The middleman can twist what you say to make it mean what they want it to mean.
The middleman can add terms and conditions that you don’t agree with.
The middleman ends up holding all the power in a relationship.
The middleman has you feeling out of control, and for you to feel in control you turn to a middle-middleman, such as food, drink, drugs, spending and many other vices you tell yourself you need to cope.

The more middlemen you have in your life, the less you listen to your own wisdom and intuition.
You outsource your emotions, your feelings and your life.

By making a commitment to yourself, any commitment. It can be as simple as drinking one glass of water everyday. And sticking to it, you build trust in yourself.
At the base of commitment is trust and truth.
When you can have your own word mean something to you, you rediscover the power of being you.

Slowly, as you gain confidence in yourself, in having your own back, gaining trust that you really do know what is best for you.
That you realize that emotions will not hurt you, that they are only trying to tell you something about your life, you will find power in owning all your emotions.

Gradually you will begin to oust the middlemen in your life, gaining more power over your decision making, and your ability to make healthy commitments around yourself first.
You can only give to others what you have, if you are running on empty you are giving away too much of yourself and it’s time to make a commitment to yourself to make your needs your number one priority.

When you have filled your emotional, mental and physical cup (needs), guess who gets to live in the overflow.
You do, your children do, your partner does, your career does. Everything you do and touch gets to live in the overflow of you taking exquisite care of yourself and that begins with a commitment to you.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is You have two choices with commitment, you are either in or you are out.

oxoxo Linda

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