Dynamic Living: Commitment, deciding today for tomorrow.

Dynamic Living: Commitment, deciding today for tomorrow.

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To live a dynamic life takes day by day practice.
To get to a goal takes regular practice.
What gets you over the line to practice what needs to be done when you don’t want to do it?

Commitment: commitment is making a decision today that in the future I am going to show up for myself no matter how I’m feeling.

Often we can have commitment phobia’s, where we feel that if I commit to doing this particular thing or I commit to a particular person then I might miss out when something better comes my way.
One way to over come this is to write a list of all the reasons why you want to do what you are planning, or list all the reasons why you want to commit to a particular person.

Ask yourself the question, Why am I considering committing to this thing?

Then write your answers, all answers unfiltered. “Positive and negative” (I personally don’t believe things are positive or negative, they are and we get to look at them.)

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Then you get to go through your list of why’s and decide if you like them or not.
The more dislikes you have, the more you could be guided away from the commitment, and the same with the likes, the more likes you have the more you could be leaning towards committing.
With your list look at what you have written from your values point of view, does that change the like/dislike ratio.
Look at your list from the long range view of 3 years, 5 years even 10 years from now, does that change the like/dislike ratio.
When it all boils down to it, you get to choose based on what you like and don’t like.
Maybe you don’t like the idea of committing right now, but you can see that by committing to one year of study you could benefit in the long term.
Commitment is something we do to respect and honour ourselves.
A commitment really doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else.
It may appear that we make commitments for other people, and in doing so we give these people our power. We may allow ourselves to believe that it is because of them, that we have to do whatever we don’t want to. The truth is we are really want an out, and blaming someone else is easier than taking responsibility for our feelings, and facing the emotions of that other person when they feel let down.
So we let ourselves down, time and again. We don’t do what we really want because we are afraid to commit to ourselves and face our emotions.
This is where commitment begins, with you being honest with yourself about what you really want.
If you don’t want to do something say so, admit it to yourself and let it go. Do not beat yourself up for things you don’t want to do.

Don’t want to diet, don’t. Don’t want to iron clothes, don’t. Don’t want to exercise, don’t.
It’s your life you get to choose, you also get to feel the consequences of not doing or doing any activity.
Sometimes the commitment you make is for your long term gain, even when you don’t want to do it.
Like exercising, you commit to yourself because you know a physically fit body works better than an out of shape body, exercise gives you more energy to achieve the things you do want.
Commitment is making a decision today, that in the future I’m going to show up for myself no matter how I’m feeling.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Those who choose to commit always do better than those who never choose at all.

oxoxo Linda

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