Confidence: Belief System

Confidence: Belief Systems

Hello, My Friends

We are emotional feeling beings having a material world experience.

How did that make you feel?
Did your brain go into overdrive telling you all the reasons why that statement is incorrect?
Or did your brain agree?

That right there is a belief system.

These belief systems are the underlying codes that determine what we do and what we don’t do.

These belief codes dictate how we think and how we perceive the world we live in.

Confidence is having the abiltiy of cope with any event, or emotion that life throws at us.
It’s a bit like an unexpected tennis ball being thrown at you. As the person throws the ball they yell ‘catch’ giving you a heads up it’s coming, your instant reaction is what your underlying belief system says about you. Do you hands go up, ready, scanning the sky to see if you can spot the missive, ready to catch it? Do you move your body in line to make sure you get it safely? Do you think oh no, I can’t catch to save myself and step aside, not really looking to see where the ball is actually heading, and when it hits you, you say, ‘I knew I couldn’t catch it, I get hit everytime’ ? These are belief systems that have been programmed into your life.

When you know you can catch the ball, you move into position to make the catch easily.
The same with our emotions, when we know we can handle a given emotion we position ourselves to make the most of it.
Confidence is all about positioning yourself to the best advantage.
Being at ease with your emotions is not about denying that you have them.
It’s not about putting on a brave face and pretending you are not hurt or disappointed.
It’s about owning that you are feeling hurt, betrayed, disappointed and angry.
We are not our emotions and our emotions are not us.
We don’t have to actually do anything with an emotion.
We don’t have to smash a wall because we are angry, or yell at someone because we are so fruatrated we don’t know how to express it safely.
An emotion is energy moving through our body, we get to sit and watch it move through, some emotions are uncomfortable, and it is this discomfort that we try to eat, or spend or drink away.
Part of gaining confidence in ourselves and our ability to cope with any situation is to be willing to feel the discomfort of an emotion and then learning how to safely let it flow on through us.
When we know we can manage our emotions, our belief about ourself changes.

Grow your confidence in your ability to deal with your emotions and you will be able to handle any situation life sends your way with ease and grace.

Practise naming your emotion, acknowledging how it feels in your body, and letting it be, while you continue on with your day.
You do not have to respond to an emotion, it is just a feeling and it will pass as you do what you have set out to achieve.

Today’s Seed of greatness is Learn to say “bring it” to all your emotions.

oxox Linda

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