Power of the Spoken Word

“Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood.

You’ll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you’ll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke.” -Unknown

Hello, My Friends

This week I’ve been thinking about the power of the spoken word. Over the weekend I was privileged to be a part of a speech competition held for 12 -18 year old students. Wow! These young speakers are amazing. They chose topics that were relevant to them and that were challenging for the audience to hear. My duty in this competition was to judge the speakers on a set of agreed upon criteria. What a difficult endeavour, as we rated how the speech was delivered, how the audience related to the topic, how well structured the speech was and the speakers physical gestures, poise and assurance.

I found myself remembering when I was asked to speak in front of a group of people. The potential for these young people to take away a negative response was immense, my motivation for taking on this role was a) to extend myself into a new learning zone and b) encourage new speakers.

Imagine where these young people could take a positive speaking outcome into the future.

So, the power of the spoken word. Recently I gave a prepared speech about a mirror and bright red lipstick, the bright red lipstick pertained to the idle spoken word of another person. The effect of those 5 words on how I viewed myself was immense. No-one knows how vulnerable someone is to our passing comments. We may think we are being cute, smart, or funny when in fact we are cutting, smashing and destroying someone else’s self esteem.

We don’t know how many times they have heard that comment and by our saying it we are compounding a viewpoint that crushes their self belief.

A few weeks ago my daughter said something about the perfume I wear. It was her opinion, and as such it was valid, however, I noticed the other day that I no longer wear that perfume, it was my favourite perfume and I wore it all the time. Once again I had fallen prey to the words of others.

How often do we fall prey to the words of others?

How often do we allow an opinion, a comment, or a remark to derail us?

If you are someone who pleases other people, I’d say like me, it happens more often than we care to think about.

Part of my journaling this week has been to investigate where I allow the spoken words of others to inspire me, or to derail me.

The derailing happens less now as I fill my time and mind with inspiring thoughts, that produce inspired actions, which creates confidence to continue creating what I want.

Your words say more about you than the words you speak. Every word that is spoken has an intention behind it, this intention is what is attracting to you everything in your life. This intention tells a story about who you are and how you see yourself. Words spoken in anger tell about a boundary that has been crossed and how you feel about that. Words spoken in jest but have a nasty undertone, tell a possible story of jealousy, insecurity, and hurt. Words spoken softly with spite, malase and hate, tell a story about disgust, guilt, prejudice, and disrespect.

When we use words as weapons they can cause so much harm, to the one the words are aimed at, and to yourself. A word never leaves your mouth without your permission.

You have had to have thought those words before they came out of your mouth. Which means they are harming you before they harm anyone else. You get to drink the poison of your words first, before anyone else. This poison may not appear to make a difference in your life straight away, but it does eat from the inside out. You may see the darts of poison hurt your intended target straight away, and take some form of joy in that. Words have power, every word you give away comes back with friends.

Your words say more about you than you think. If your intention is to bless everyone who crosses your path, no matter how they cross it, those blessings will come back to you. Words spoken from peace, give peace. Words spoken from good will, increase the good will of the receiver and the giver. Words spoken to encourage has a story of genuine caring attached to it. To want your words to create life and do no harm to anyone is the ultimate goal in my opinion.

Imagine a utopian world where everyone, wants the best for everyone else. Our thoughts, words, emotions and actions would benefit us and all those around us. How much healing would take place in our hearts and souls?

So, words have power. Drop a word of genuine praise in the ear of a co-worker, child, spouse, or stranger. Say one nice thing to yourself as you apply your make-up, or have a shave, or as you brush your teeth before bed. Every word you say, has an impact on you first. SAY, words that inspire, SAY words that create growth with love and understanding, SAY, words that produce smiles, SAY, words that make you feel proud to have said them.

If you have to say unpleasant things as part of your work role, say them with dignity, dignity for yourself and dignity for the hearer. Your intention is as important as the words you choose to speak. Decide carefully and truthfully how you want the receiver to feel, then create that environment deliberately, use the power of your words to build up, to inspire, to produce better results.

Our words have power, even the 5 little words whispered as you walk by.

Make those words… “I am proud of you!” “You have got this!” “Well-done, go you!” “How can I help you?” “You did a great job!” “Thank you, I appreciate your help.” “How are you feeling today?” “I’ve got your back” “Let’s do this together.” “Fabulous job, well-done!” “Wow! this is exactly what I wanted.”

Make your words authentic to you, set your intention behind the words you use, and begin to move towards Utopia, every spoken word creates ripples in the energetic world, send your vibrations for good far and wide.

Until next time, contemplate the words you use most often, do they create life, do they feel good to you and the recipient, and do they bring back a harvest of joy.

xoxoxo Linda

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My details are…


email: authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Website: https://www.authenticlivingwithlinda.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lindacodlin25

Instagram: @lindacodlin

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