Confidence: Lives on the Other Side of Fear

Confidence: Confidence lives on the other side of fear.

Hello, My Friends

Have you been playing with your energy?
Finding out what makes you feel confident and what doesn’t?

When do you feel least confident?
What is going on that makes you afraid to be yourself?
What is the emotion that rises up in your body?
Name it. By giving it a name you diminish it’s hidden power over you.

Is it embarrassment?
What about being afraid they’ll figure out you’re not what they thought you were? Are you being true to your inner self? What’s the conflict inside you?
Are you scared you’ll forget what you need to say, and feel foolish?
Do you feel unsure of the next step to take?
Are you afraid of what the back lash of your decision might be?
Is it conflict you strongly dislike and avoid? What is the emotion behind the conflict? Is it the fear of being rejected?

Confidence comes and stays when we face the emotion that threatens to drown us.
These emotions are caused by our thoughts, and our body having a physical reaction to those thoughts.
It is the job of the brain to keep us alive and safe.
When the brain perceives we are in danger, real or imagined it floods our body with sensations that it knows we will avoid at all costs, keeping us in our box, safety accomplished. Job done. The brain can move onto the next thing.

It is our job to reassure the brain, that we are not in danger. That we really do want to move into a new arena, no matter how scary it may seem.
We do this by monitoring our thoughts, telling our brain exactly what we want to do, then to begin to move our body in that direction.
I can guarantee you will have resistance, from your mind and your body. Keep doing the things you need to do to move into your next goal, keep telling your brain positive affirmations.
As you feel an emotion, figure out the thought behind it, find the truth of the thought. It will have been instilled in your mind to keep you safe once upon a time.
Check the thought isn’t getting payback somewhere in your system.
For example we might get headaches every time we have to go to the dentist. That’s your mind telling your body to make you unwell, so you won’t go to the dentist. When the pain of tooth ache is greater than the pain of the headache, then you will go to the dentist willingly.
If however you choose that one of your confidence goals is your oral health and hygiene. You set your intention, make your appointment, then as you are about to go to the dentist, the head ache comes, you take pain relief and go for your appointment anyway. With every trip to the dentist, it will get easier. Feel the fear, talk to the dentist about the pain factor and how it affects you. Build your confidence in the dentist and in yourself that you can handle it.

When your teeth and oral care is sorted, remember to celebrate. You faced a fear and conquered it.
Use this as evidence the next time your mind and body try to dissuade you from a decision you have made to move into a new realm of growth.

Sit with the emotion, learn how it feels, name it, figure out what it is there for. Is it valid and do you want it in your life any more? If not.
Then flip it, turn it over and find the opposite thought that creates an opposite emotion.
If the emotion is fear (Which is a very broad thought and emotion.)
Flip it to love (Which is also a very broad thought and emotion)

Begin to think thoughts of love, acceptance, kindness.
Begin to feel these emotions on purpose.

Then watch your confidence flourish.
Put your confidence cloak on and begin to practice. Everything gets better and stronger with practice.
Practice what you want to see in your life.
Work Equality

Choose your thoughts and emotions on purpose.
Then allow them to choose you, and take you on an adventure you never dreamed possible.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Take the next step in front of you, the answer will appear.

oxox Linda

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