Confidence: The contrast of wanted and unwanted

Confidence: The contrast of wanted and unwanted

Hello, My Friends

How do you see life?
Do you see life events as black and white, right and wrong, good or bad, positive or negative?
Or Do you see life events as various shades of colours, with hues and tones and warmth and coolness?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

I want to get you thinking about how you think about the things that are happening in your life.

If a life event was a stick, and along the stick was measured points. Each measured point represented a facet of the event and a way of seeing it.

At one end was what we wanted and at the other end was something we didn’t want, and along the stick were gradients of wanted and not wanted.

Where we held the stick would impact how we viewed the situation, and if we were unable to see the ‘beginning, or the end’ of the stick we would think the piece we were holding was all of it.

Often we label what we want as ‘positive’ and what we don’t want as ‘negative’.
Would you know what you did want, or that you wanted something else, if you were not exposed to the unwanted?
So does this make the ‘negative’ thing a positive thing?

I want to challenge you to think about the ‘negative’ situations you are facing right now. What is it about them you don’t like?
Do these situations make you feel good?
I’d have a guess and say no.
Everything we do, we do for the feeling we think we’ll gain from it. And what we usually want is to feel happy, loved, worthy and prosperous.
The situations we face in our lives today, are often the result of thoughts and feelings we had weeks, months and sometimes years ago.

When we discover we are somewhere we don’t like, we tend to focus on it, which gives it more energy and makes it larger, which creates more of what we don’t want.
We are holding the end of the stick with what we don’t want. Let’s say you want to have money to pay your accounts. The more you focus on the lack of the money, the more lack you are attracting and holding in your energy.
By flipping the stick over, and holding the other end, which is abundant money to pay accounts, you attract more abundance.
The tricky part of this is to leave the lack of money out of the energy equation, and begin to build the feeling of abundance instead.

Everything we do, we do for a feeling. The feeling we want is abundance, feeling like we have enough to pay our accounts.
What do you need to think and believe to feel abundant?
Without picking up the lack end of the stick.
One way to do this is to be thankful for what you do have. To appreciate the good health you do have, to bless the money you have, to bless the accounts that are waiting to be paid, to be grateful for the services those accounts represent.
By offering gratitude to what you have, you move your focus away from what you don’t have, you reduce the resistance to what you don’t have, energy flows better when there is no resistance.

When your energy is open to receiving your inner guide can lead you to the abundance you want with ease.
We then create more abundant energy, which attracts more abundant situations for us to experience.

Every situations has two sides, find the better feeling side, work out what you are feeling, and work out what you want to feel, then begin to appreciate that feeling.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Spend money on things you LOVE, that add BEAUTY, and create EASE in your life.

oxox Linda

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