Confidence: Obstacles are Opportunities turned inside out.

Confidence: Obstacles are Opportunities turned inside out.

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On the flip side of every obstacle is an opportunity.

It is important to know what your obstacles are and how they may derail your intention to become more confident.
Growth lies within obstacles and hence the opportunity to improve your confidence.
I wish I could tell you that by becoming more confident that there will not be any obstacles, that life would be all fairies and rainbows. However I can not guarantee there won’t be obstacles. Actually, I can guarantee there will be tension, there will be times of discomfort, times of feeling like you have failed, times of embarrassment, times of shame, times of guilt, times of anger and frustration. All the normal human emotions.
Everything you feel now, you will feel as a confident person.

You are a human having a human experience.

What confidence does give you is the ability to breeze through these emotions, you will have the skills to handle yourself in any situation, you will know that emotions do not harm you unless you give them the power to.

You will know what each emotion feels like in your body, and you will know how to change your thoughts and therefore change these feelings. You will know how to behave. And this will boost your ability to manage yourself well.
With confidence comes opportunity, you will have situations come into your life that would never have shown up if you hadn’t learned to manage your thoughts and your emotions. Making plans to overcome obstacles as they arose, instead of burying your head in the sand.

You live your life leaning into situations, You grab the opportunities as the pass by.
Imagine opportunities were on a conveyor belt running in front of you, and all you have to do is reach out and choose the ones that suit you and pick them up and make them work for you.
Now imagine that without confidence your arms are tied against your body as though they are in a straight jacket.
If you were to make the most of an opportunity you would have to manuevour your entire body to get near it, using a lot more time and energy, planning and preparation, and by the time you were prepared the opportunity you wanted would slip on by, be collected by someone without your constraints, or you would let it go because you didn’t believe it could be yours, it would be gone,
With confidence you get to position yourself easily, you get to reach out and receive the opportunity, it might be heavier than you anticipated, it might have agendas attached that weren’t obvious at first, but you are confident in yourself and you Know you can overcome obstacles. You know what you want, you know what you are willing to let go of to have what you want. You also know what the price is that needs to be paid to achieve your goal.

Obstacles are just opportunities to grow your confidence further.
When we choose to take hold of our lives with both hands and create with intention what we really want, obstacles don’t stop us, we learn to overcome, we learn to climb over, dig under, go round, and remove the obstacles.
Confidence in who you are gives you a can do attitude.

Imagine confidence is a cloak you can put on, it gives you the ability to step up and step forward, to speak, to know you are worthy. And as time and practice go by and your belief grows you will need the cloak less and less, or for new and bigger opportunities.
Pull on your confidence cloak, step up to the obstacle that you percieve is stopping you from moving forward, study it, find its weakness, then take action to disarm it.
Make a plan one tiny action at a time.
Breathe, pull your cloak around you tighter and move one step forward.
Smash the fear one action at a time, You will overcome if you keep at it.
Remember to ask for assistance, there are people who can and are willing to help.
You are not alone when facing your obstacles.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Focus on solutions and possibilities.

oxox Linda

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