10 Anger Control Tips

This week I’ll be investigating ways to Control Our Anger.

Anger Control Tips

1. Breathe: Take a 5 second pause.

2. Think. What has triggered this re-action? What do you want to happen now? What thoughts are fuelling your anger?

3. Plan. What do you want to say? Be mindful of your tone, your body language and the words you use.

4. Re-cover your calm. Speak clearly with control. Use “I feel,” statements.

5. Treat yourself and others with respect always, kindness costs nothing, it gives so much.

6. Breathe, and reflect. What happened? Did you respond the way you wanted? How would you handle yourself next time?

7. Identify, What triggered your anger? Do you have control over this trigger? Can you change it? What measures can you put in place?

8. Move your body. Disperse the residue emotion of anger.

9. Let it go. Holding on to resentment is like hanging onto a wild dog. It burns your energy and gives nothing in return.

10. Celebrate your successes. Each time you improve celebrate.

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