Small Decisions, Big Courage

Do make decisions to create a better life?
What happens to those decisions and intentions?
Do you follow then with courageous action?
Without courageous action a decision is just a great thought. it’s when you follow through that it becomes reality.

All it takes to change your life is the decision to do so,

The courage to follow through with that decision,

The willingness to get it wrong and have another go,

The heart to keep going when things get tough.

Linda Codlin

Hello, My Friends

We are well into the change of seasons, the trees are shedding their leaves, the temperature has dropped over night, sleeping with ease is back.
With the change of the season comes a change in mood.
We seem to want to settle in, be at home more, to do more quiet activities.

For me I’m in re-evaluating mode.
I’m re-evaluating what is working and what isn’t. I’m asking myself the hard questions and seeking the true answers from deep within me.
Do I like what I’m finding? Not so much. Honesty with myself can become blurred, I find I can talk myself into or out of things.

Do you find you have this tendency too?

I believe this is why having a coach to bounce thoughts and ideas off is so valuable.
They may raise an eyebrow when you state something, which gives you pause to consider what you just said.

Maybe you are like me, as I talk, I hear what I am saying and check myself.
Do I really want to live my life in secret?
Have you been living your life in secret?

Do I really want to surround myself with things that don’t work properly?
These create a low grade feeling of irritation, which left unchecked can escalate into a bad mood.

Do I really want to live in a way that doesn’t produce health, wealth and happiness?
My outright answer is always, no!
But as I look into the daily actions of my habits and my default behaviours, they show me the true answer is yes.

When I choose to eat, instead of feel an emotion the answer is no to health and happiness.
When I choose to spend money to feel better, again the answer is no to wealth.
When I allow other people to speak to me in demeaning and underhanded ways, I answer no to being happy.

It seems to me that life is lived in the little decisions we choose, or the little decisions we don’t choose.
It’s a little decision to tell someone you don’t appreciate being spoken to in a certain way.
It’s a huge action and victory for yourself to follow through on that decision.
To step into the unknown and go to bat for yourself. To create trust in you, that you are able to take care of yourself and follow through for your best welfare.
It’s when you take these tentative steps forward, that you gain a feeling of empowerment, once your nerves settle down.

It’s a small decision to declutter your bedroom.
It’s a big commitment to yourself to follow through and empty only one draw onto the bed (this prevents overwhelm & allows for completion), then to sort through what you have.
It’s a big thing to decide what you want to keep, and why you want to keep it.
Asking yourself a few pointed questions may help in this process. Do I love this? Is it beautiful? Is it useful?
Also check in with your feelings. How does this item make you feel? What memories are attached to these items?

It’s a small decision to spend less on unnecessary items.
It’s a huge step to look at your financial standing. To do an audit on where your money is being spent.
It’s a small act to write down what you spend and where you spend it, this small act has the potential to change your future wealth status.
It a huge thing to look at what the feeling is that drives you to want to purchase, when saving is your goal.
It’s also very satisfying to create a financial plan, (always create one you can live with) and then follow it.
This builds trust in yourself.

And lastly it’s a small decision to put yourself first in your life.
It sounds so easy to say, “From now on I’m putting what I need first.”
Then someone makes a request, or a demand, or a suggestion and before you’ve even checked in with yourself, you’re off taking care of what they need.
For some of us this is second nature, it is part of our identity.
Checking in with your feelings and emotions may be one of the most difficult tasks you can do.
Maybe you have never allowed yourself to feel, so feelings are foreign, you don’t actually know how to feel.
You maybe scared that your emotions will swallow you whole, and you’ll never be able to come to the surface again.
Big feelings that have been suppressed for a long time, feel overwhelming.
Begin my asking yourself, how do I feel right now? Answer with one word.
This is the start of choosing a life of health, wealth and happiness.

Everything we do, we do for the feeling we think we will gain from doing the thing.

Until next time, choose one little decision, and be brave to take the courageous step to take the next little action step towards the outcome you want.
Remember to be kind to yourself, and celebrate all forward movement.
You have got what it takes, you always have.

oxoxo Linda.

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