Tracking gives instant rewards

Do you resist change?
Have you ever asked yourself that question?
Why is it so hard to change?
Positively reinforcing what you DO want helps to create an upward cycle of how you feel.
How you feel affects what you do.
Track one goal at a time.

What you measure, you improve.

Awareness brings change.

Measuring is one form of awareness.

Positive rewards build success.

Hello, My Friends

A few of the things that create change.
It’s the beginning of a new month, and I want to talk about tracking.
Tracking our actions, tracking the things that we want to make the biggest difference in.
What doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t really stick.

Our brain is a marvellous piece of machinary, it loves to seek out new and interesting information, it loves variety.
Sometimes when we are training our body and our brain to work together we can get lost in gathering information, gathering all the data, the courses, the equipment, the knowledge of what it is we want to do, be or have that we don’t actually begin to do the things that will give us the results we want.

This is where tracking comes in.
Tracking is a visible way to give ourselves an instant reward.
It’s amazing to me how good it feels to gather a chart full of ticks, or smiley faces indicating how diligent I have been in pursuing the things I proclaim are important to me.

In my opinion the success of tracking is in the simplicity of choosing one or two things to track at a time.
These things can be related to each other, or they can be from totally different aspects of your life.
The one thing that ties them together is your mind.
The way you think about them.

What I have found is everything comes back to the way we think.
If you are feeling a lot of resistance to the task you want to master, the key will be in the way you are thinking about the task.
Resistance is normal, and natural. Nothing has gone wrong, you are not weird, or different. Every person feels resistance.
It’s what we do with the feeling of resistance that determines our success.

Resistance is not an indication that it’s time to give up, that the thing you want is too hard, that you are not worthy of it, that you’re not good enough to have that thing, or be the person who lives in the way you want to live.
Resistance is telling you everything you need to know about yourself to create the outcome you are seeking.

When resistance arrives in your consciousness, take out a pen and jot down all the things you are afraid will happen when you have the things you want.
List all your fears. Ask yourself.
What am I afraid will happen if I actually do, have, become the person who consistently is what I want?
These could look likeā€¦
I’m afraid to exercise because I’ll be laughed at, I’m not good at physical activity.
I’m scared I’ll be seen, and gain the unwanted attention of people.
I’m afraid I’ll get hurt.
I’m afraid I’ll lose all my friends.
People will expect more from me.
I might have to say no to some things, so I can say yes to what I want.
I’m scared I might not like who I become, what if I change into someone I don’t like.
It feels safe to be where I am. I know what to expect and what is expected of me.

All these are thoughts.
They are all clues to beliefs that are running your life and keeping you in the cycle you are currently living in.

Tracking your outcome, is one way of shifting the result and generating evidence for your brain that you are the type of person who does, has and are what you want.
While you are tracking your outcomes, you are also shifting your thoughts around the activity you are tracking.

Thought work is what changes everything permanently, because you change your view of who you are.

Today’s challenge is to select one outcome you want to track, and empty all the sentences you have about yourself and the outcome onto paper, then decide what will help you get to where you want to go.
Write a sentence on a card or put it on your phone’s screen saver and think about it everytime you go to do, or go to talk yourself out of, doing the thing you are tracking.

Until next time, Getting to know yourself is powerfully freeing.

oxoxo Linda

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