Obstacles as Opportunities

How do you overcome obstacles? Are they annoyances to be avoided?
Did you know some of the greatest successes in history have come from people finding new and innovative ways to overcome obstacles.
We all have obstacles, how we overcome them is key.

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Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 32

What do you do when you come across an obstacle on the path to your goal?

What is an obstacle?
An obstacle is anything that is perceived as a road block, a hindrance, a limiting belief, or a physical stumbling block to gaining the thing you want.

Obstacles are unique to the person facing them.
Because each of us has our own background and our own story we tell ourselves about that background, we also have very individual and personal obstacles.

What may be an obstacle to one is not an obstacle to another.
This is why groups working together with a common goal are able to support each other to achieve greater things than individuals alone.
We can bounce ideas off each other, where one person sees an obstacle another will see an opportunity.

Sometimes obstacles are very necessary for our growth and development.
Without obstacles, set backs, or hurdles we may not develop our full potential.

Have you noticed how few obstacles there are, when you are alone, when you are not moving towards a goal, or when don’t have a purpose or desire to create and pursue?

The road of least resistance, or the road with the least amount of obstacles may not always be the best road.
Now, I’m all about ease, the energy of ease, this is where your vibrational energy is in alignment with your desire, where you are in harmony with yourself and your situation.
However, as being humans this is not our normal setting, we have been trained to strain and strive to achieve.
We have been taught that if it’s not hard it’s not worth the energy expended to get it. This has us creating more obstacles than we need to face.

Our internal belief about everything, including obstacles, complications, problems and spanners in the works define the parameter of thought we have about these things.
As we uplevel our internal beliefs, and begin to see ourselves as people who can do “hard” to us things, we shift the belief around what is hard.

What do you do when you come across an obstacle on your path?
Do you throw your hands in the air, pout and give up?
Do you get angry, at the obstacle, at the people involved near the obstacle, at the system that may seem to be putting up barriers?
Do you shrug your shoulders and walk away, claiming there is no point, arguing with what is?
Do you go into battle, determined to change the way things are done?
Do you go into investigation mode, working out what the obstacle is, how big it is, whether there is another way around it, or through it?

Depending on the obstacle and your goal each of these methods could be viable.
The question then becomes how much do you want, what you claim you want.

Obstacles are inevitable, life happens, and it happens to everyone.
It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, what your marital status is, where in the world you live, life happens.

It’s about you, your attitude, your resilience, your stamina and your thought processes.
Everything is figure-out-able.
You have what it takes to figure out a way through, a way around, a way over any hurdle that pops up on your path.
If you want your desired goal enough you will create a way to go through any obstacle.

You will use the obstacle as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your skill base.
Every obstacle has the potential to create a new level of resilience in you, if you allow yourself to work your way through.
How you think will determine how you behave, which will be a huge factor in how you face life’s hurdles.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦
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