Believe in your Brilliance

SIMPLICITY is the Key to


-Bruce Lee

Hello, My Friends

This week has seen us settling into new routines.
It takes a few weeks for a new routine to become more or less seamless.
Once we stop resisting the changes and begin to move with them, and find the flow of being in a different way.
What I’ve found is I become attached to the old routine, even if it isn’t working anymore. Letting goof the old, so I can move into a new and often more efficient routine, creates friction within me.
My body and brain do not enjoy the feeling of the tension created in letting go, it feels like I am losing something. Which of course I am.
My brain is focusing on the loss rather than the gain, making the process more difficult than it needs to be.

Today I want to talk about believing in your brilliance.
You are brilliant.
The definition of brilliant is bright shining, dazzling, intense, exceptionally talented or clever, skillful.
Other words that describe brilliance are gifted, genius, accomplished, intelligent, intellectual, able, expert, educated, learned.
I think you get the picture.

You are brilliant.
When you read the list of words above where did your mind go?
Did it take you back to your school days, and the person who told you, that you’d never amount to much because you were stupid, or dumb or any of the negative words used to put us down?
Or did your mind flash to the awards on the wall of all the educational courses you have taken, and the certificates and degrees you have attained?

You are brilliant, with or without educational status.
Some of the most talented people have never achieved in an educational institution.
The brilliance I want you to see, is the brilliance that is naturally within you.
It is your natural ability.

If you tell me you don’t have one, I won’t believe you.
Every one of us has a talent, that is ours alone. No-one can master that talent like we can.

Your talent might be talking, you may have what some call the gift of the gab.
This is a strength, learn to master it, communication is vital to understanding.
Your talent might be in music, you have an ear to hear the rhythm and beat of music, your brain thinks in music, you hear melodies wherever you are.
Use this talent to create, to bring joy to yourself and to others. Find people who have similar interests.
Your talent maybe cullinary, food talks to you, your sense of taste knows what works together and what doesn’t, you know just the ingredient needed to make the usual spectacular.
This talent may be lurking in your kitchen, you’ve been told by others how fabulous your food is, and you think it’s normal.
Branch out, extend your brilliance.
Your talent might be in creating art, you have a sense of colour, depth, and perception that makes spaces come alive.
You know exactly how a space could be, you know what colour will enhance, you know how to generate a feeling through a pencil or brush stroke.
Your brilliance is in everything you do.
Maybe your brilliance in how you interact with people. You are the ray of sunshine that lights up the room.
You are the one who knows how to draw the best out of others, your talent for making other feel great is your brilliance.

You are brilliant.
I have touched on a few things, if I haven’t touched on your talent of brilliance, let me know what it is in the comments.
There are so many, the more I give my brain the direction to find them, they come pouring in.
For Example a few vocations that tap into peoples brilliance.
Nursing, Construction, Architecture, Craftiness, Gardening, Horticulture, Health (And all it’s side shoots)
Physics and the Sciences.
I also want to mention that although a lot of these vocations require attending an eduactional facility, there are people who have natural skills in these areas without having to be trained or taught, their brilliance is within them, and going to an educational facility hones it, and strengthens it.

Today’s Challenge is for you to investigate what comes so naturally to you that you are not even aware it is a brilliant talent you possess. Think about areas where you are praised for work you do, that feel like fun and play. This could be an indication of your brilliant talent.

You are brilliant. Be your brilliant self. Believe in your Brilliance.

oxoxox Linda.

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