Resistance gives us feedback

Events only have meaning when we give them meaning with the thoughts that we think.
Resistance is telling us we are having a thought that is not in alignment with our feelings or our actions.
These thoughts are changeable.

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Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 30

Today I want to talk about resistance.

Resistance is one of those emotions we feel, when we want to do something, but a part of us is not completely on board with the idea.
We know we should be doing something, like exercising regularly, or eating less, or getting up earlier, or saving more for retirement.
BUT, we don’t.
We talk ourselves out of the action.
Remember everything begins with a thought. Resistance is no different.
There will be a nagging thought about what you want to do, have or be.
The feeling of resistance is telling you, that you are out of alignment somewhere.

The more we resist something the more energy we expend on the resistant thing.
Where we focus our attention, that is where our energy goes.
By learning to recognize resistant thoughts, and noticing they are present, seeking to know what they have to tell us about our emotional alignment, gives us the power to change that resistance into acceptance.

Resistance is always working for us.
It is valuable feedback, when you are feeling resistant, acknowledge you are feeling resistant.
Then look at the thought that is creating the resistance.
Everything is created by a thought, your emotions, your resistance, your acceptance, your habits, everything.

Everything means nothing until a thought gives it meaning.
It can be raining outside, that’s a fact that is noted, however that rain doesn’t mean anything until you think something about it.
You might think about the clothes on the line getting wet, now. You might think about the drainage issue and the last time it rained.
You might think about how you’ll get wet, running to the car, because you forgot to take your umbrella with you.
The rain doesn’t mean anything, other than it’s raining until we put a meaning to it.
That meaning then sparks an emotional response in us, and that will either create action or resistance to action.

When we note we are resistant to going out in the rain, notice how the brain will give us a list of reasons why it’s not a good idea to go outside right now.
We get to decide what action or non action we take. We can allow the resistance to getting wet, to prevent us from doing what we planned, or we could find another way around the rain.
Like finding an umbrella, taking an undercover route to the car, wearing a rain jacket. Or we could cancel a meeting, leave the clothes on the line, watch the water levels rising at the drain, or go out and clear the drain.
You could also be like a toddler, and revel in the rain. Have you watched a small child, delight in the rain, stomping in the puddles, yelling with delight at the rain on their faces as they try to catch the raindrops with their tongues.
Same rain, the toddler has no resistance to getting wet, they have no thoughts about the rain at all, they are enjoying the moment.
Until an adult intervenes and scolds the child, telling them to come inside, that getting wet is a bad idea. Now the seed has been sown, they may be a little more hesitant the next time to play in the rain.

Accepting the resistance you are feeling, is progress towards releasing the resistance, seeing what the resistance is trying to tell you.
When we look at the action or non action we are resisting, we may find we have conflict within ourselves.
We want the result, that the action will give us, we don’t want to go through the process of doing those actions.
Resistance is showing us an area where we don’t believe we are worthy, or good enough, or ready to have the result we want.
If we ignore the resistance and white knuckle the action anyway, we get the result we want, however we don’t get the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.

I have found that the niggle of the resistant feeling of not being worthy or good enough, taints the result, it sows doubt about the validity of the result and myself.
When I accept the resistance and look at where the disconnect is in my thinking and my feeling, and work on this aspect.
The resistance fades away, I can follow through with the action, with all my energy going in one direction.

Resistance is our friend, it is telling us about areas in our lives, where our thinking is making something mean more than it needs to. Where we are not being honest with ourselves about what we are willing to do, or not do to gain the thing we think we want.

Today’s challenge is to think about how much of your energy is going into resisting what you don’t want, instead of accepting that it is, and going with it.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦
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