Leading: Unselfishness- Who benefits?

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As this month comes to a close, we begin to look at the next month.
You will have noticed that my schedule has changed.
Part of living what I’m teaching is about the art of fine tuning.
Over the next few months I will be taking my own advice and trialing different things, I’d love your feedback on what you like best.

Leading, as this month has progressed and as we have covered more aspects of leading both ourselves and others, it became apparent to me that I wasn’t living into my leading style and changes needed to happen.

It is my hope that you have gained some valuable insights into your leading style and that all leading begins with you as the leader.

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Valuing yourself first.
Does this feel selfish to you?
How selfish is it when you burn out, and are unable to take care of yourself?
How selfish is it, when you are yelling at your children, because you don’t have the energy or the head space to reason with them, again!
What does selflessness look like to you?
Being a doormat, that everyone can walk over. Always saying ‘yes’ even when you want to say ‘no’. Being amiable, when inside you are boiling at being mistreated, again!
Doormats get trodden on, wiped out, and disrespected.

Selflessness, true selflessness can only happen as you take care of yourself.
Learning to listen to your innermost feelings.
Selflessness, is finding your voice in a way that is authentic to you, and using your voice in a way that honours you and respects others.

If being selfish is going for a jog three times a week to blow the cobwebs out of a crowded mind, then be selfish.
If being selfish is stating firmly what you want for dinner, and following through on your statement then be selfish.
The important thing to discover is what your definition of selfish looks like. Where did you learn what was selfish and what wasn’t?
Who benefited from teaching you, and reinforcing your version of selfish?
Often people are accused of being selfish, when those accusing are losing some form of benefit, perceived right, or control.

It is in having a full emotionally satisfied life that you can truly give of yourself to others without any expectation in return.
When your emotional needs are met, you can serve others in a way that genuinely meets their needs without stepping on, or ignoring your own.

The selfishness I am talking about is taking care of your emotional needs first.
How empty is your emotional cup?
How long has it been since you filled your emotional cup?
No-one else can fill your cup, no-one else knows what needs to go into your cup to fill it.

My challenge to you is to investigate your definition of selfish, and who benefits from your “unselfishness”.

Today’s Inspirational Droplet is Emotional freedom is the key to a well lived life.

oxoxo Linda

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