Dynamic Living: A recovering Doer

Dynamic Living: A recovering doer…

Hello, My Friends

There are times in life when every day seems to be exactly as the day before.
Everything feels like same ole, same ole.

You’ve gotten into a routine, it may be a very efficient routine but it leaves you running on automatic.

The thing I am learning is that life is for living.

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The way I lived my life, didn’t have a lot of life in it. I focused on one task and then the next, and the next.
My to do list never got less. I loved accomplishing the projects and the having the satisfaction of a job well done.
My thing was that I never actually stopped to appreciate the work I’d done, and the feeling that went with that accomplishment.
There was always something else to do, so I’d jump into the next thing and feel resentful that I never got anywhere.

So as a colleague of mine once said, “”I am a recovering doer.
This doesn’t mean I don’t do anything, it means I take time to celebrate my wins, slow down ‘smell the roses’ and feel satisfaction in all I do.

On my wall in the hallway is a plaque that says, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
This I need reminding of often.

When I begin to feel bored, or frustrated, these emotions are warning bells that I am doing more than being.
We are spiritual beings in human bodies.
And when I get into the do, do, do mode of getting things done at the expense of being, then life gets out of kilter.

The journey of life is to be enjoyed, not endured. (Joy-ney)

If you are using all your time doing, doing, doing and you have forgotten how to be, then slow down a little, breathe and find the sunshine in the activity you are working on.

Life is about the experiences we have along the pathway of life.
Everyone leaves this life eventually, leave it a happier place because you’ve been here.
Dynamic living is about the journey, the destination is always the same, eventually anyway.

Today’s pearl of wisdom is “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

oxoxo Linda

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