Confidence: Non-verbal Statements

Confidence: Your Non-verbal statements.

Hello, My Friends

What are your non-verbal statements, the things you think about yourself but never quite admit to yourself.

These might appear as excuses, or that’s just reality, or they might appear from the way other people treat you.
Sometimes we use other people or situations as a crutch so we don’t have to take full responsibility for ourselves.
And at times we can have people who come to our rescue, but never quite rescue. We become ensnared in there need to control.

If you didn’t have a crutch or rescuer, who would you be?

What is your crutch?
What is it you lean on as an excuse to not do what you really want?
Is It your health?
I’m too sick.
I can’t get a job, I run out of energy.
I can’t lose weight, I’ve tried and it always comes back.
I’m not good enough to join the tennis club
I’m not as put together as others, they’ll think I’m …..
These are all crutches.

The truth is if you really wanted the new job, you’d find the energy.
If you really wanted to lose weight and keep it off you’d work out what was stopping you from keeping it off and make the changes to make it permanent.
When we start something new, no-one is good at it. Give yourself the grace to learn, to fail, to feel silly, and go again.
If you view yourself as less than some-one else how are they supposed to view you.
They get their cues on how to treat or mistreat you from YOU.

What if you did the scary and unthinkable and let go the crutch for a while.
It would feel uncomfortable, but you just might begin to see that you actually don’t need it.
You might begin to believe you can take the necessary steps by yourself.
I can guarantee you will feel resistance.
The brain doesn’t like change.

Have a go today let your crutch drop for a couple of hours and do something you have been wanting to do but your excuses have prevented you from trying. As you prove to yourself you can, your confidence will grow.

Confidence is knowing who you are, and stating that without saying a word.

Today’s seed of greatness, Define what you value, and get rid of everything that you don’t value.

oxox Linda

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