Confidence: Personal Style

Confidence: Personal Style.

Hello, My Friends

What is your personal style?

Confidence is enhanced when you are feeling well dressed, and well prepared.

Everyone of us has a style, the question is did you choose your style on purpose or did it fall together?

And it doesn’t matter what your style of style is, what matters is that you choose it on purpose.

What matters is that you choose to define yourself in the way you show up?

Remember you are in control of every thought you think.
You get to decide on purpose how you want your life to look.
What are the results you want to have in your life tonight?
When you turn out the light, and have climbed in to bed.
What do you want to have created?
What do you want to have Changed?
Who do you want to have Been?
This is your job for today.
Define the results and evidence you want to have created, changed in who you are and how you appear to yourself and others.
Then begin to do the things that lead to those outcomes.
Remember your style is about you, It is about how you want to see yourself.
Confidence is knowing you, it’s not about copying others unless what they do will give you power to get where you want to go, and by doing what they do you will gain the results you want.

You get to decide what you wear today.
Choose something that reveals who you are.
Play with your Style.
Be Confident.
Shoulders back and down.
Belly tucked up and in
Butt tucked under.
Own your own space

Own your personal style.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Make your personal style reflect you.

oxox Linda

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