Respect: 10 ways to respect others.


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How do you show respect to others?

10 ways you can show respect to others? 

1) Show up on time. If you say you’ll be there, be there. 

2) Listen to what they are saying, with your ears, your mind, and your body. 

3) Do things for the other person that you know are important to them. (Watch your motivation and energy)

4) Speak gently, allow for human lapses of judgement. 

5) Build trust, do what you say you will do. 

6) Communicate what you need, remove the space for misunderstanding. 

7) Give others the opportunity to communicate what they need. 

8) Show appreciation, a little genuine praise goes along way. 

9) Be aware of personal situations, allow for fragile emotions.

10) Criticize with caring, create trust. 

If each of us lived into these 10 ways of respecting others, a lot of conflict would be resolved. 

Communication is so important to being respectful.

The tone of your voice says so much more than your words ever could. 

The way your body speaks, when you are standing silent, tells everyone what your opinion of other people are. 

The amount of thought and preparation you put into what you want your audience to receive from a presentation, tells how much you respect your audience. 

The small actions of washing dishes, or getting washing off the line, lets your family know you value them. 

Being truthful, with caring thought for the other person’s feelings, shows respect that you don’t want to hurt them. 

Today’s question is… Feeling respectful creates satisfaction. Yeah, or Nah?

Until tomorrow, pick one person you usually overlook and begin to show a little respect to them and see what happens. 

oxoxo Linda

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