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Young children have enthusiasm, their energy seems boundless.

How do we tap into this enthusiasm and energy?

Waking up with pep and vitality, our young grandson was in action the minute his feet hit the floor. He was asking questions and waiting for the answers, he was interested in everything. Wanted to know how things went together, asked questions of people, respectfully, seeking answers to his active mind.

Imagine if we were as open and enquiring as this young boy.

This week I’ve been talking about style on my Facebook page. (authenticlivingwithlinda or lindacodlin25)

5 attributes of style …


Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe it will give us.

The style you live your life in right now is because of a feeling you think it will give you.

Maybe you think if you do what you are told you will be loved, and accepted.

Maybe you feel if you stay over weight no-one will notice you, and you’ll feel safe.

Maybe you think, by living a small and contained life, I’ll never be hurt.

Or maybe you feel you need the latest gadgets, and the fastest cars to be seen and liked.

Maybe you want to be the centre of attention so you are continually getting in mischief.

These are all states of feeling.

Every action you take or don’t take, gives you, or takes you away from, a feeling you want or don’t want. Every thing you do is for the feeling you believe it will give you.

Style, everyone has a style. Your style may be to appear different, or it might be to fit in. What is the feeling your style gives you. DO YOU LIKE THIS FEELING? If so, sweet carry on living the way you are. If not you can change it. Only you can change it, because it comes from inside you.


What is attitude anyway? Attitude is the way your thoughts, beliefs, and actions intercept to produce a reaction in your body.

Everyone has an attitude, often we try very hard to cover up our attitudes, especially if they will be perceived and judged as being negative. Your attitude shows up in the way you walk, the way you talk and in the way you do things, or don’t do things.

The way you do one thing is the way you do anything. This is talking about your attitude, if you have a negative attitude toward work, you won’t give your work your full attention or your best.

If you have a cheerful attitude, you probably find life is kind and cheerful. The thing about attitude and your current style is that they can’t be faked. When you apply a cheerful smile over a disgruntled emotion, the emotion will come through every time.

You can alter your attitude by, investigating your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Often we begin with our actions because they are easy to see. The thing about that is your actions are created by your thoughts and beliefs. If you want permanent change in your actions, work with your thoughts and beliefs at the same time.

Style is your attitude to life, do you like the results your attitude have gotten you so far. Remember style is as much an inside job as it is an outward appearance. Only you can truly answer how you really feel about your style of living.


We make hundreds of choices every day, most we don’t even think about.

Our lives are made up of thousands of seemingly little, insignificant decisions. These decisions are choices, and they can have far reaching outcomes. For example lets say you’re feeling a bit blue, so you don’t get up when you normally would, you skip your morning walk, shower, and daily hygiene routine to lounge on the sofa and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see.

This may seem like a one off, but your mind now has ammunition to use the next time you don’t feel like going to work, or going for a walk. Your mind will remind you how good it felt to sit on the couch. And before you know it you are having to battle your mind to do what was your normal routine. The more ammunition we give our brain the more it will either work for us or against us, our brain doesn’t care either way, it just wants to keep us alive, and it loves to solve problems.

Have you noticed that at times your brain will create problems to solve? Making decisions that are in alignment with what you want from your life and in sync with your values will give your brain something constructive to focus on.

Decision making is a skill that can be learned, it is a style we use either for our benefit or for our detriment. How do you make decisions? What is your style of choosing what you want from your life? Style is learning to make decisions that align with what you want, in a way that benefits you and those around you.


Quality by implication suggests flawlessness, superior workmanship, longer lasting and of excellence in character, form or use.

Often we use monetary value to decide the quality of an item or service, this can leave space between what we want and what we get.

How often do we purchase a lesser value item because of the number on the tag?

How often do we purchase things in quantity because we perceive them to be a bargain and we may need them one day?

Do you purchase items from an attitude of lack and fear? Are you afraid if you don’t buy now and stock up that you may not be able to afford it later?

Is your personal space full of gadget you thought would make you feel good, to discover that they didn’t? Often we spend our money with the intent of avoiding or gaining an emotional response.

When we learn to feel our emotions for what they are, and learn to seek out the feelings we want on purpose, we may find our need for shiny trinkets drops off.

Style is choosing quality, purchasing one item of the finest workmanship you have the resources for, that will be a generational piece, rather than many items of lesser craft. Over time you will find that your standard of living will increase, the items in your personal space enhance your feeling of space and peace.

What do the items you surround yourself with, say about your style? Generally our external environment is a reflection of our inner thinking and emotional state. When we are feeling trapped we try to find things that will distract us, when we are feeling overwhelmed we become lethargic and unable to move. Style is about the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Style is about the quality of your questions. Style is about the quality of your possessions. Style is about the quality of your clothes. Quality is an integral part of Style.

What does your style say about the quality of person you are? Do you like what you see?

You get to upgrade your quality of living, and as you do so upgrade your style.


Loving yourself is respecting who you are. How you treat yourself inwardly shows up in your exterior style of living.

Everything you do speaks to the way you see yourself, whether you love and respect yourself, or whether you see yourself as being worthy or unworthy of the best life has to offer.

The style of self love, is caring about how you look, your hairstyle, your posture, your body and how you clothe it.

The style of self-love is how you show up for yourself, the way you put your needs ahead of other people’s needs. (Often we don’t do for ourselves, what we will do for others. ) The style of self-love is in the safe boundaries you have around your thoughts, and around the way you allow other people to treat you, talk to you, use you and abuse you.

The style of self-love is when you have confidence to stand up for yourself, have strength of character to face hard things head on, giving yourself grace to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Style is found in everything you do or don’t do.

It is my intention that you will begin to look at what you do, what you have, and what you want in your life, and ask yourself how your current style of living is enhancing and moving you forward to feeling, and experiencing the life you really want.

Learning to live in your authentic style is the feeling of freedom to be you.

Until next time, happy styling.

xoxo Linda


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