What is your Truth?

The light within you,

illuminates your truth,

nurture your seed of truth,

watch it grow,

let your truth shelter,

you from life’s storms.

Hello, My Friends

Hand picked spring flowers, scent permeating through the house, inviting.

The little things that show some-one loves you.

What are the little things that make you feel loved and appreciated?

Is it a cup of hot coffee waiting for you, when you rise in the morning?

Maybe it’s a smile and a sticky kiss?

Or maybe it’s having a tidy space to live and work in?

What about a hand written card, or letter?

A neck rub when you’ve had a stressful day, or dinner on the table at the end of a long tiring day?

Do you even notice the little appreciative acts of those around you?

What is your self talk when you receive a compliment?

Do you nod in agreement and murmur “Thank You.” or do you minimize the compliment telling yourself, “If they really knew the true me they wouldn’t be so nice.”

Some-one the other day asked me, “How do you know what your truth is?”

What a great question.

Looking back over my life, I realize that I was sold a lot of lies which unfortunately I believed. The lies formed the way I viewed everything.

I couldn’t believe I was worthy of love, so I couldn’t accept love. I would hear people telling me how much they loved and appreciated me with my ears, but my heart had it’s shield up and deflected the words. My mind always had suspicions as to the motives of others, it would tell me they wanted some-thing, to be aware of the wolf in sheep’s skin.

However deep inside me I knew I was better than how I was feeling and responding. Some feeling deep inside me, well hidden from the light of love stirred, questioned.

Always the thought, “There has to me more to life than this?” “When will I find true love?” “Why am I so broken, and how do I get fixed?”

Then I stumbled across a secret, and it watered the seed, deep in my heart. Slowly the light of a new better thought seeped into my spirit, and the seed of love began to grow.

I learned that for me to accept love from anyone outside of me, I must allow the seed of love within me to grow.

How do I love me?

What about you? Do you love yourself from the inside, out?

This is where your truth lies, your truth is deep inside you.

Learning to love who you are releases you from the emotional chains that captivate.

How do you begin to love yourself?

You admit your life sucks, that you are not the person you want to be, that you don’t treat yourself or others with kindness or respect, that you want more than the life you are stuck in, that you are unhappy in your body, that you want your life to have more meaning.

Or maybe you’re like I was, I put on a happy and smiley face, on the surface I appeared to be happy, I was polite and kind on the surface, however under the surface I was like a volcano just waiting for a weak spot to trigger an explosion.

You become aware of and acknowledge honestly all the ways you are not who you want to be. Be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you know.

The beliefs that hold your life together, are forging the habits that make your life what it is.

A belief is a thought that we have thought over and over, until it becomes second nature. These beliefs then become the auto pilot on which our lives run with little or no thought required, they become the set point which our behaviour reverts to in times of stress and tension, they determine how we live our lives. And we aren’t even aware they are running the show.

For me, my belief that I was unlovable, and unworthy were not serving me. So I created a new thought, I created a way of living, that made the new thought part of my reality. Constant repetition of a thought that stepped my belief up one degree at a time, until I had a new set point to live by.

I stopped striving and struggling to be perfect, I relaxed into being me.

What is your truth?

Truth is like the sun.

You can shut it out for a time but it ain’t goin’ away.

Elvis Presley

What if you stopped striving and struggling to be everything to every-one and became you?

Are you an artist in hiding? Are you a nurturer, some-one who loves to help people?

Do you have a hidden dream in your soul? Do you want to be a professor? A published author? A skilled craftsperson, creating fine furniture that lasts for generations? Do you want to be an owner operator of your own business? or do you want to go fishing and hunting on your own piece of paradise?

What is your truth?

The truth is still the truth, even if you don’t believe it,

And a lie is still a lie, even if you do believe it.

The life you are living today doesn’t have to be your truth.

Human’s have a gene that is always wanting more than they have, we are always looking to grow. Humans are seeking growth emotionally, physically, and spiritually, often we don’t understand this and misread the need to acquire more, study more, and want more as a ‘negative” trait, feeling unsatisfied is one way we know it is time to grow and look for the next challenge.

What is your truth?

Begin to seek your truth and you will find it.

Everything begins with a thought. If you can think a thought you can change a thought.

Loving yourself is thinking about yourself in kind and respectful ways. Every thing starts with a thought. Your belief about yourself is made up of thoughts. The things you have surrounded yourself with began with a thought. Your style of dress is a way of thinking. Your way of eating, walking and talking are all formed by thought repetitions.

You can think a thought, you can change a thought.

Your truth is already within you, you have probably had an idea or an inkling of what you would like to do, be or have. Try and see if this is where your truth lives. You will know your truth because it will feel like coming home.

Seek out your authentic truth, and move into that with ease and grace.

Live your TRUTH boldly.

Others may decide to think less of you,

but it isn’t your job to prove worth,

It is your job to live knowing your worth

can never be defined by another’s assumptions.

Hold your head high, be proud,

carry on.

Rachel marie martin

xoxo Linda


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