“With Age Comes Wisdom” They say.

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

David Bowie

Photograph by Vivek Kumar unsplash.com

Hello, My Friends.

This week has flown by. They say with age comes wisdom, I hope so. My number increased by another digit this week, and with it the potential to heal a relationship that has been rocky for way too long.

Forgiveness is the key that has unlocked the bitterness that has lain asleep in my life.

Over the last few weeks I have been doing some serious soul searching. There are areas of life I am not happy with.

I am also not some-one who says one thing with her words and another with her actions.

It is my belief that for me to be authentic there needs to be a truth to my feelings, my actions and my words.

Every day I coach myself with the principles I am writing about each week.

I investigate my thoughts, usually based around an attitude or an action I want to improve or eliminate, I ask myself hard questions and stretch my mind to give me better answers.

I follow through on the ‘random’ thoughts that my inner self gives me, and you know what? Most of the time they are spot on. I grow my confidence, in all the ways I have written about in last months Facebook Month of Confidence. Go and have a read at lindacodlin25 or authenticlivingwithlinda, it is broken down into 28 days of Confidence.

I move out of my comfort zone, and funnily enough my comfort zone eventually moves with me. Then I take the next step.

In the Month of Self Love I talked about the significance of forgiveness. It frees us from the invisible ties that hold us captive to the hurt of our past.

One of my newest rituals is after my morning jog, while I am stretching out my muscles, I mentally go back through the previous day, investigating any residual pent up emotions from yesterdays events, harsh words, miscommunications and hurts. If there are any, (Who am I kidding, IF, it’s more like WHEN.) I then choose to forgive myself and the other person.

My life is too valuable to be dragged down with yesterday’s woes.

I action, The Thoughts Create my Life philosophy, and change my thoughts. I discover the story that holds me captive to someone else’s words or attitude. Then I work at changing it, if I need to increase my safety barrier, then I increase my barrier. If I need to change lanes to stay in my own business, I change lanes, and I choose to forgive them and I choose to forgive me.

We only have one life and we don’t know when our time will be up, it is too short to be held back by the cords of unforgiveness and bitterness.

This week I would encourage you to have a look at my Facebook page, authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25 there is a lot of information there, if you are serious about improving your life situation, this information, if used will change your life. It has changed and continues to change mine and the lives of those I coach.

If you want to learn more hands on ways to implement these principles, email me for a consultation and we can run through the steps you need to take to bring about the result you want in your life.

I am so grateful for the freedom these principles have given me, and it is my intention that you find this freedom for yourself as well.

Until Next Time

Have a look at the Month of Self-Love, and the Month of Confidence on Facebook.

This month I will be writing about Communication, and the important role it has in the way we live our every day.

Be true to yourself, with your words, your actions, and your thoughts.

xox Linda Codlin.

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