Become a Hero in History

Do you remember any of these items? Most are lost to archives and museums.

History captured is…

History remembered.

Capture your history before it is gone.

Your story today is the future generation’s history.

Hello, My Friends

This week hubby and I have been working on filling in his family tree.

Back in the day they didn’t take photographs like we do now.

It appears that after 3 or 4 generations records become scarce, and hard to verify.

This got me thinking about what we leave behind, once our time is up.

Great aunts and uncles are remembered only by the living, and when the people of their generation pass on what happens to all those stories.

If they are not recorded somewhere, written down or made note of they are forgotten forever, as if they never happened.

We have many photographs of family portraits, or family outings and no way of identifying who these people are, and what the significance of the event was.

We put so much effort in to living our lives, gaining things and doing stuff, making memories in the hearts of those who share our lives with us.

If we don’t take the time to pass on the stories of our past and our history, no matter how sordid it might have been, in three or four generations we become an unknown picture in an album, collecting dust on a shelf.

What does it take to make a lasting difference for generations to come?

In one hundred years from now, looking back. What are the stories our great grand children will be told about how we lived our lives, the struggles we faced, the things we did for fun?

Will they be told of the hero’s journey we took to change the way we look at ourselves?

Who will define you?

What in history will define you?

How do you want to be remembered?

What if now was the time to begin to write your story?

Write it in the hearts and minds of our next generations, our children and grand children, and great grand children.

What if now was the best time to begin to share your stories with your sons and daughters?

Telling them about the lives of your parents and grand parents.

Tell the story from a heroes point of view.

How they overcame obstacles.

How they conquered things we can’t even comprehend.

The life they lived, reflected the beliefs of the time they lived in, how they worked and loved and lived within the confines of generational belief systems, and how they fought to free themselves of those very confining beliefs.

We have the opportunity today, and every today we live from this day forward to make an impact on our personal beliefs and the beliefs our children and grand children inherit.

We have the privilege of shaping the future for generations to come.

The way we feed our minds good quality thoughts and ideas, or the way we choose to respond and react to the stressors in our lives are the basic building blocks of humanity.

Write your story in the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Write your stories on paper, add names and details to the photographs in your albums.

Build a legacy of remembrances, so when future generations look at the yellowed and stained photographs they know who they are looking at, and the life they lived, so that we could live ours.

When you take photos now on your digital devices, remember to add the back story, tag people and places, make the memory of the event live on in the lives of future people.

Make your life count, you are valuable, your contribution to mankind is important.

You get to decide what it will mean to the future generations. Make it mean the world.

Capture your families history, live your everyday with your future generations in mind, let your actions today speak for years to come.

Until next time,

Write your history and your story from the hero’s point of view.

Linda Codlin

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