Perception that Influences Beliefs

Do you find you are influenced by everyone else’s opinions, and you don’t hear or listen to your won instincts?
You are not alone, our society is set up in such a way that it is difficult to hear and follow your own gut feelings.
You can choose.

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Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin

I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.
I am passionate about helping you to help yourself.
It is my intention that each and every one of us has the
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Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 20

Everything comes from the way we think and perceive life to be.
If we believe life is out to get us that is what we see and receive.
This week I want to encourage you to take an honest look at what influences your perception.
Who do you listen to? What do you watch when you’re scrolling through social media platforms? What type of books do you read?
Who have you been believing about who you are?

All the inputs we receive from our environment, society, family, culture and religions are influencing the way we think.
We live in a society that has more visual stimuation, more audio stimulation, and more sensory stimulation than ever before.
We are tuned into events that are happening in parts of the world that were once only pictures in books.

Apparently our brain only processes a small fraction of the information coming at us. If it didn’t we would be constantly running on adrenaline, and fearing for our lives.
What happens to the information that our brain screens out as unimportant data?
It slides into our subconscious mind, unquestioned, unchallenged.
Have you ever wondered about why you do some of the things you do?
Part of it is the unquestioned influences that you have taken on board, through your subconscious mind.

I read a post yesterday that got me thinking. It said something like Why were we taught to be afraid of the witches being burned at the stake, and not the people doing the burning.
Never thought of that before.
Challenged my perspective.
Who was doing more harm?

This is an example of the beliefs and hidden thoughts that reside in our brains, unchallenged, how can we challenge something we don’t even know exists?

Becoming mindful of what you are watching on the television, on social media platforms and other visual means, is one way to reduce the unfiltered agendas of other people.
Every person, posting a video, creating a movie, writing a book, or speaking to you, teaching or training you has an agenda.
They want to give something to you, for you to give something to them, or to influence you in some way.

I am no different, I want to challenge you to challenge your thinking.
To look at what you take for granted, to investigate the hidden messages behind the obvious messages.
Filter out the information that makes you feel bad, makes you think that you need to be a certain way to be acceptable.
Learn to figure out who you are, and how to follow your hearts desire.
It is my belief that we are never given a dream or a desire without the ability to make it reality.
It is also my belief that we have everything we need, within us.
We only have to seek. We only have to be willing and strong enough to follow the promptings we receive from our inner selves.
It is my belief that as human beings we are always wanting to do better, to be better, to achieve more and this is fantastic. This is how society and communities expand and grow.
As a society in general we are better off materially now than we were 70 years ago.
How much better off will we be because of the idea brewing in your soul.

Today’s challenge is to investigate what is influencing your thinking, and is it helping you to expand your horizons.

Have a fabulous day my friends.
Until next time.. Investigate your authentic desires, follow the ideas that will expand you as a person and monitor how what you expose yourself to makes you feel.
Oxoxo Linda

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