Peace and Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, You’ll end up somewhere else.

Yogi Berry.

You either walk inside your story and own it, or you walk outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

Brene Brown.

Hello, My Friends

This week has roared on by, wet and windy. Here in New Zealand we are supposed to be having summer, beautiful sunny days, hot temperatures and great drying for the clothes.
Instead we have been kept inside, because of the rain.
Why is that? Once you are wet, you are wet. Why don’t we just enjoy the rain, especially since it’s not cold.
We don’t melt in the rain, watch a young child dash into the rain and splash about in the puddles, they find the fun, not caring about getting wet.
It’s a mindset, we were trained to think that getting wet is a “bad” thing. Another point of view that needs re-evaluating.

Today I want to talk about making peace with where you are and planning for the future.
It’s holiday season, and a lot of us get to go away over the holiday time.
To begin to plan a trip away, what do you do?
You decide where you want to go, right.
You look at brochures, you watch video clips, you mentally try on the location you want to visit to see if it will fit you and your family.
If if doesn’t feel right, or fit the criteria you have set out for yourself, you begin again.
Once you have settled on the destination you want, you begin to work out the logistics of how you’ll get there.
To figure out how you’ll get to your destination you need to know where you are.

It’s the same with any goal or dream you may have.
You figure out what you want, how it will feel, imagine yourself already having it, and then outlining what needs to happen to get you there.

Sometimes we feel there is no point in planning for the future, the future looks bleak and unattainable.
These are thoughts, thoughts about the future that create the way you feel about what you believe will happen in the future.
The future may or may not be yours to live. No-one knows the exact time of their departure from this reality we live in.
Imagine if you didn’t plan to get to 70 years old, and you lived beyond that. How do you think your 70 year old self would feel?
At 70 without a plan you could be living at the whim of others, with no purpose or reason to make a difference.
Compare that with you making a plan now, planning the vocation you want, planning the income level you want, planning for your health and planning for your family relationships.
Living today with the idea of what you want life to be like when you are 70.
Then if you get to 70 and beyond, you can be proud of yourself for a life well lived.

Planning today for the future always pays dividends. Even if you don’t get where you want to be, you will be futher on the path of a purposeful life than if you didn’t plan and continued to run from one drama, and emergency to the next.

Making peace with where you are, is the beginning of your journey, releasing the resistance we feel around all the should’s that tend to run our lives gives us the freedom to accept where we are and then to plan on how to get to the destination of our wanted goal.
Let’s say your goal is to become debt free.
At the moment you have no idea the condition of your finances, you don’t open emails or letters that look like late payment demands.
You don’t look at your bank statements or balances because they make you feel bad.
Before you can get a handle on what debt free looks and feels like for you, your first step is to acknowledge that you have no idea how much debt you actually have.
Accept that up to this point you have ignored your financial life. (Without judgment and recriminations.) This is about numbers not self-esteem.
Often the reason we ignore our finances is because we have a belief ourselves and money, we wrap who we are up in our income, in our assets, in our debt and in our abilty to manage money.
You are more than the money you have or don’t have, you are more than the assets you do or don’t own.
You are more than the beliefs your family, your culture and your career say you are.

Accepting your financial situation as it is, is the first step towards building a better financial situation.
The next step is being willing to look at the numbers.
Collating all the numbers, seeing exactly where you are, so you can build a plan on how to educate yourself to move forward, in love and trust.
Building skills, having new thoughts and feelings around your view of money, wealth and abundance. Creating evidence that you can take steps to make better choices.
Also knowing you will make mistakes, you will feel defeated at times. This is all part of the journey and nothing has gone wrong.
If you become derailed from your plan. Accept that this is so, then re-evaluate, and continue on your path.
I can guarantee you didn’t get into the pattern of being in debt overnight, and you will not break the pattern of being in debt overnight either.

Imagine how different your life would be when you are 70 years old, having sorted your financial issues in your younger days verses continuing to ignore your finances and continuing on the path you are currently on.
Which do you think would feel better?

Your challenge for today is to decide on your destination point, a place you want to be in the future, a place your 70 year old self will be proud to be.
Then to acknowledge where you are right now, accept that this is your normal. Remove the resistance to change by accepting.
Then create a plan, go to the completed goal, see it, feel it, be in it. Then reverse engineer the goal. Work your way back from completed to where you are with your plan.
Then begin to execute the plan, baby steps, one small action on top the next.

Until next time … You are not your situation, you have everything within you right now to begin to make a difference in your situation.
Be you, the you, you can be proud of. Be authentic to yourself.

oxoxo Linda.

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