The true love story.

Are seeking true love?
Are you looking for the perfect person to complete you?
Are you hungry for peace and love?
You have everything you need within you to love and be loved.

True love does not come from finding the perfect person,

True love comes from being your imperfect, lovable self,

True love is an inside job.

Hello, My Friends

What a difference a couple of coats of paint and wallpaper make to the feeling of a space.
Our lounge is on the completed side of the renovation, now I get to decide what I want in the space.

Often creating elegance, and the feeling of luxury is more about what we leave out, than what we add.

Asking the question, What do I really want my lounge to look and feel like?
What do I want this room to say about me and my hubby?

All the stuff we accumulate tells a story about who we are, who we were, or who we are becoming.

What does your stuff say about you?
Do your books tell the story of someone trying to lose weight?
Someone aiming at getting fit, or learning a new hobby?
The movies and music you have on your devices, do they give a true reading of who you are today?

Would you be proud of what your things say about you, should you pass away unexpectedly, and your family had to sort through your things?
If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to do an honest update with the things you are keeping.
We are often trying to gain a feeling of worthiness, or acceptibility by accumulating certain items.
We believe the advertising guru’s that if we have the latest car, the newest entertainment area, the biggest house, or the flashiest jewellery then we’ll feel like we’ll fit in.

The truth is none of these things give the lasting feeling of worthiness, or acceptibility because if we don’t feel good enough in ourselves, nothing we do or buy, keep or let go of will make any difference to our self worth.

Learning to love ourselves first, is an inside job, and is probably the hardest job that you will ever do.
And it is the most rewarding job you will ever do.

Your self worth is not tied up in possessions.
Your possessions and the way you relate to them tell a story about who you believe yourself to be.

Some times we don’t believe we are worthy of beautiful things, that having a new car is something that is beyond who we see ourselves being.
If we don’t believe we are worthy of the feeling of luxury and elegance, we will continually sabotage ourselves from getting these feelings, even when we purchase the top end products.

Luxury isn’t found in stuff. Peace isn’t found in things or people. Harmony isn’t found in d├ęcor.
These are found within yourself.
You have access to these feelings at any time through any day.
Awareness is the key.
Knowing how you want to feel, and creating that feeling deliberately, makes all the difference.
The energy do anything in, is the energy you generate from the doing.
Do something with the energy of lack and scarcity, and lack/scarcity is embedded into that result.
Do the same thing with the energy of abundance and wealth, and abundance / wealth is embedded into the result.
The result may be the same, but the energy that is emitted is hugely different and makes a different impact in the world around you.

Today’s challenge is to look at your results, choose one area of your life and look at your results, do they make you feel good or do you feel bad or fearful about them.
Let’s choose eating, are you eating out of love for your body, or are you eating to avoid an emotion, or are you eating to punish yourself?
You are eating anyway, but the feelings gained from the eating are so vastly different.
When you eat to punish yourself, how do you feel? Love? Or Disgust?
When you eat to aviod an emotion, how do you feel? Good at first then what? Regret, Self hatred, or Love and Nuturing?
Eating for love and nurturing of your body, your mind and your spirit doesn’t leave a bad taste in your spirit.

What does your result feel like?

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Until next time, begin to love your authentic self more, nurture your inner spirit a little more every day.

oxoxox Linda.

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