Number One: Be First…

Are you living into your life?
Or are you running away from your life?
Maybe you are on the treadmill of life and not going anywhere very quickly.
Being Number One in your life is giving yourself permission to go all in on life.

Being Number One is being your unique self.

Being Number One is more than reaching the top.

Being Number One is knowing who you are at any moment in time.

Being Number One is a journey that is fulfilling and satisfying.

You are Number One to you. How can you be anything else?

BE NUMBER ONE! From the inside out.

Hello, My Friends

Do you put yourself into situations that make your heart race and your palms go all sweaty?

These situations are so exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

This week I put my hand up, to speak in a competition.

Speaking publicly is a work in progress, it is a huge learning curve for me personally, however I have decided this is one aspect of coaching I want to master.

Who knows where the road of speaking in public may take me, I guess we’ll have to watch and see.

Challenging norms is all about the dialogue in your head.

My dialogue, monologue and every other log, was tripping over themselves telling me what I couldn’t do, why I couldn’t do it, and what on earth was I thinking to volunteer.

This is the fun part of coaching, looking at the stories that have kept me living a small life, discovering the gems and the lies of what I have been told, what I actually believe and what I want to believe.

What are the stories that are keeping you from stepping out into the light of your life?

You are the main character of your life, the stage is set, waiting for you to show up, the spot light is holding space for you. Are you willing to take your space?

You know, they say there is no new thing under the sun. What if they are wrong, and I think they may be, because each one of us is an original, completely different to anyone else. Your fingerprints are unique, the way you speak is unique, the way you think is unique.

Our whole lives have been molded, and shaped as we have been trained to be a certain way to fit into a certain stereotype cast. Why? Maybe because it is easier to manage people when they don’t know their potential. Maybe it is easier for people to be managed by “others” than to face the fear of managing themselves. Maybe it is hard work to shake off the years of some-one else’s opinions of you.

It is my belief that each one of us has a mission, a purpose, a ‘job’ to accomplish, that only we can accomplish, and if we don’t step up and do that thing the world is a sadder place because of it.

You are supposed to be NUMBER ONE in your life.

Are you NUMBER ONE? Or do you feel like you rank after some-one else. Do you live in the shadow of your spouse, your siblings, your children, your boss. This list could be endless. Where do you rank yourself?

Remember we don’t compare ourselves with anyone but ourselves. Number one in your life is a pretty good place to be.

I’m not meaning you are more superior than anyone else, If you think you are, then you don’t truly believe you are number one. A number one person, doesn’t have to prove themselves to anyone. They know their value, and they also know the value of every other person living.

Our value is not determined by the money we earn, or the deeds we do, or the gifts we give, or the way we behave. Our value is in being human, having a perfect inner spirit and aiming to live in harmony with this spirit.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. What will it take for you to follow your spirit guide and step onto the centre stage of your life, to allow the spot light to shine on you, with humility, with honesty and with pride.

Challenging your normal is about trying something new, doing something poorly until you do it better. Challenging norms is being the investigator of your thoughts and ideas. Putting yourself in new situations, new rooms, with new people to challenge yourself to step up.

This is an exciting and terrifying journey, it is also so satisfying and rewarding, who knows where you might end up, who knows how many lives you might touch for the better, who knows what you might invent that solves the worlds greatest problems, who knows what part of the puzzle you hold to creating a better humanity.

I wonder if the great men and woman of the past, knew they were trail blazing a path for the rest of us, or were they following the dream that was burning in their soul, and in the process changed the way we live today.

Are you ready to challenge a few of your normal thoughts? Do you want clarity around your calling, your purpose, your secret ability. (Which possibly isn’t so secret to those around you.)

Call me for coaching, I can help you to gain clarity around what excites you. If you are ready to step up onto the stage of your life, be the number one person in your life, email me, or connect with me over Social Media, my details are below.

Until next time, Step out onto the stage of your life, live your authentic life uniquely.

oxoxo Linda

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