What are YOU waiting for?

What are you waiting for?
Who do you need to gain permission from to go for it?
What ducks need to line up for you to feel confident to begin?
What do you need to begin to live your life on your terms?
A DECISION that today is the day to begin.

Hello, My Friends

What are YOU waiting for?

It seems to me that everyone is waiting for something.
Waiting to win the lottery draw, waiting for small children to get older, waiting for more time, waiting for more energy.
What are you waiting for?

The perfect time? Now is the perfect time.
I’ll let you into a secret, we only have now.

Yesterday, is a memory, we can not go back and change anything about our yesterdays.
Tomorrow, is not here yet, it is full of promise, it is open to whatever we decide to create, it is still on the other side of the night.
Today, right now is the only time we can actually do anything that will make a difference to how we feel about our yesterdays, and to how we will live our tomorrows.
The today you are living, right now, was once a pipe dream. A date way off in the future. The things you are living today are results of the actions you took in the past.
Your actions of today are the basics of your tomorrows.
What are YOU waiting for?
What can you begin today to make a difference in your tomorrow, your next week, month, or year?

It takes one new and different decision and action to change everything.
Are you willing to give yourself permission to begin to go after the thing you are waiting for?

Are you willing to be responsible for your future?

If this feels overwhelming, begin small, pick one little action and do it regularly until it is not overwhelming.
As a life coach I can help you, help yourself to make a decision, and to help you work out your first steps or your next steps in your plan.
Empowering you to manage your brain and emotions so they serve you.

What are YOU waiting for?
oxoxo Linda

As a life coach, part of what I do is challenge your normal thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.
I help bring clarity to what you do know, and shed a light on things you may not know.

If you are stuck, challenging your normal thinking can produce results you weren’t aware of.
Let’s begin a conversation about what you are waiting for.

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