Confidence: Comes from within You.

Confidence: Comes from within you.

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What gives you the certainty that you know what you know?


These things add to the certainty of what you know.

What gives you the confidence to be you?

Without having to conform to other people’s point of view.

Have you felt that knowing that comes from inside you? You just know, you don’t necessarily know how or why you know. You just do.
And you have the confidence in that knowing to act on it, even in the face of people who may disagree with you.

I believe we each have an inner guide, that leads us. And this guide knows things we don’t.
This spiritual guide gets to see a bigger picture than we can, sometimes this knowing comes in a prompt-don’t do that, do this. Don’t go that way, go this way.

Part of the journey to confidence in my opinion is getting to know when your inner guide is guiding.
At first, you begin to dabble with it, listening and doing, proving to yourself that your inner guide is trustworthy.
It’s meeting new people and discovering they are just the people you need to move your career ahead.
It’s being in the right place at the right time to hear of an oppportunity that is just what you are looking for. And when you make contact, you are the right person for them.

Your power of confidence is within you.
Part of our living confidently is to exercise our abiltiy to act, which proves that we can, or can’t do something.
The way we view ourselves will determine how we see the actions taken. We will either see them as a failure or a learning curve.
And sometimes even if it went well we see ourselves as having failed, This view strips you of the potential confidence you could gain.

The way you see yourself impacts the way you receive feedback, and information.
At times you may not hear the genuine compliment, that could empower you to step into the next challenge.
This is where mindset training is really important, gaining a true understanding of who you are from your inner guides point of view.
Knowing that you were born worthy, lovable and good enough, resides deep within you. Often it is beaten down, knocked over, and covered up.
Once you clear off the debris and find your true inner self, your confidence will grow.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is not everyone is going to like you; make peace with it.

oxox Linda

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