Confidence: Knowing you can do it.

Confidence: Knowing you can do it.

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How do you know you can do something?

How do you know you can drive a car?
Does sitting the test let you know you can drive the car?
Does owning the car let you know you can drive the car?
Does talking about and thinking about driving the car, make you a driver?
What about being a passenger, Does that make you a driver?

How do you know you can drive a car? By driving the car.

Just because you can drive a car doesn’t mean you are safe or good at it, it doesn’t mean you are legal or competent.
It means you can drive a car.

So what gives you confidence?
Is it the tests, knowing the road code? Is it having the car, sitting behind the wheel and imagining how it feels to be driving?
What gives you the confidence you can drive, is to actually drive the car.
At first it might be a bit lurchy, and not very smooth, especially if you are learning in a manual.
There are so many things to be aware of.
Do you have confidence after the first drive?
What about when it comes to driving new roads, long distance, or someone else’s vehicle?
Practice gives you confidence.
Making mistakes and making adjustments.

We learn to trust that we can do something by doing it.
And the greatest battle is usually in your mind, talking yourself into having a go, talking yourself into picking yourself up and to have another go.
This is the emotional baggage that tries to keep us from moving into the unknown.
Try whispering to yourself, when you are facing an unfamiliar situation. ” I can do this”, ” I have what it takes to master this skill, position, or fear.”

Give yourself a chance to build confidence.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is CREATE A DESIRE LIST AND ADD TO IT OFTEN.

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