Respect from others.

Respect from others.

Hello, My Friends

We cannot make someone respect us. 

Respect is freely given, and is often earned. 

And once it is lost it can be very difficult to gain back. 

Are you respected in your vocation for the work you do? 

Are you respected in your community for the good you give to others? 

Are you respected in your home for the caring you show to your family?

What builds respect?  Daily actions, doing the same things consistently, and having those daily actions create positive emotions and feelings in others. 

We are respected when our actions positively make someone else’s life a little better.

By always being the person who shows up, dressed, ready and organized, you get a reputation that you can be trusted, and that trust builds respect. 

If you have not been trustworthy thus far in your journey, no problem.

Today is a new day.  Begin right now to determine you will make a change. 

Begin to respect yourself, get out of bed, take care of your grooming, show up.

Respect is earned over time, give yourself time, give yourself the grace to fail, to pick up and begin again.  Those people who are widely respected have been doing just that for a long time, and it seems easy to those looking in from the outside.  They had to begin somewhere too.

Now is your time to begin. 

What do you want to be respected for? 

What positive emotion or feeling do you want to give to others? 

What skill or talent do you want to fine tune until you become an expert at it?

What character trait do you want to be known as having? Integrity, honesty, charm…

Today’s question is… What positive feeling  do you create in others?

Until tomorrow, explore what you want to be respected for, have you even thought about it before? You can pre-plan how you will be respected. 

oxoxo Linda

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