Respect: Be proud of yourself.

Respect: Be proud of you!

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Self Respect, showing respect for yourself. 

What was your definition of respect? 

Did you use words like value, esteem, recognition, admire? 

Do you use those words when you describe yourself to yourself? 

Or do you call yourself names, like stupid, dumb, good for nothing.

The word respect comes from the Latin word respecere and means to look back at – regard. 

Are you judging yourself by your past results?  Or are you planning and moving into the results you want to have tomorrow?

If you continue to do the same things you did yesterday, today, you will get the same results you got yesterday, tomorrow.

Respecting yourself is treating yourself as you do someone you admire. 

Think of someone you admire. What do you admire about them? 

Do you admire the way they dress? Begin to upgrade your wardrobe, one item at a time. Money an issue? Investigate second hand shops, some great garments to be had at affordable prices. 

Do you admire the way they talk? Begin to study them, what are they actually saying? What is the attitude behind the words?  You can begin to emulate the attitude. 

Study what they study, learn to think like they do. 

Then begin to put yourself in situations that grow you. 

Self respect is about doing the things that bring you pleasure and pride. 

Today’s question is.. What will make you feel proud of yourself? Do this. 

Until tomorrow, Study those you admire, look at what it is you admire about them, and begin to think about how you can add those traits to your life. 

oxoxo Linda

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