Respect: What does it mean to you?

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to the month of February.

This month’s topic is respect. 

Everyday I will be asking a question of you, my intention is for you to begin to think intentionally by answering these questions as honestly as you can. 

So, respect what does respect mean to you? 

If I walked up to you in the street and asked you to define respect what would you tell me? 

Which of these words would best describe how you view respect? 

High regard. 


Approved of. 







Do these words describe how you respect others? 

Do they describe how you expect others to respect you?

Are they words that you use to respect yourself? 

Interesting questions, over the next few days we will delve deeper into each of these areas. 

Respect from you to others. 

Respect from others to you. 

Respect from yourself to you. 

Today’s question is… How do you define respect?

Until tomorrow, think about respect from these three angles, you to others, others to you, and you to yourself. 

oxoxo Linda

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