We live the lies of our youthful years.

Education is not limited to a classroom,

Life gives us the lessons we most need to learn to grow into full maturity.

Think, Learn, Do, Teach. Repeat.

Hello, My Friends

As a new month has begun, I have been reflecting on how I have lived the last month.

Have I given my power away to others? Do I expect other people to rescue me?

How did I get on with the goals I set at the beginning of last month? Have I been living into the word I chose for this year?

It has been a little bit confronting to see I have allowed my potential to slip, the best part is that any day is a great day to turn around and pick up where I am right now. Without any nasty self judgment, or reprisals of failing.

By accepting that this is where I am now, I get to make better choices for this month and re-evaluate my goals, picking up from the lessons of last month and growing forward.

How about you? Do you have monthly goals that you want to achieve? Do your goals stretch you out of your comfort zone?

It is only when move out of the comfortable into the discomfort of growth that we find out who we really are and who we can really be.

Do you believe you are a smart human being?

What does smart actually mean? Does it mean educated? To whose standard?

Does smart mean clever? There are many gifted and clever people who have no idea that their talent is a gift that others don’t have the ability to emulate. If we planted a carrot seed, we expect to grow a carrot, right? Why then do we box people into being a certain way, and expect them to turn out being authentic individuals.

The road to authenticity is a very personal road. We may cross paths with people who are on a similar journey, and they may walk with us for a while, but our path is ours and it will be different to anyone else’s.

Do you believe you are smart, clever, gifted and talented?

I believe you are. You have skills and abilities that no-one else can replicate.

What system are you using to determine your value? Your value is in your humanness, if you are an artist being compared to a University graduate, are you any less a human.? No! You are valuable because you are human. Value is a very subjective thing, and the way you value yourself will determine how every one else will value you. If you are being undervalued, move, find where you will be truly valued.

Do you feel you failed in the education system of the day? Don’t feel bad, the education system is the beginning building blocks, one of it’s main aims was to teach masses of people to read, write and do basic mathematics, it is a system that teaches us to show up on time, follow directions and instructions, it taught us to sit still and be mindful of what the teacher was saying, without retort.

As an adult it is now part of our journey to unlearn some of the skills we learned at school.

It is important to use the basic skills we have been taught and build on them. Use the skill of reading to broaden our minds, to create pathways to deeper thinking. To uncover the talents that have been laying dormant, or not so dormant in our lives. There will be something in you that wants to go in a direction that may seem foreign to the formal education you have, or the guidance you received from family concerning your vocation.

Were you told you would never amount to much, because in the education system you kept talking to your friends and apparently weren’t paying attention. To discover, that as an adult you have wonderful negotiating skills, that have given you opportunities you never dreamed possible.

I am entirely certain that twenty years from now we will look back at education as it is practiced today and wonder that we could have tolerated anything so primitive.

John W Gardner

The things we have come to believe about ourselves are lies.

We don’t have poor concentration, we are not slow readers, we do not have to be demeaning and demoralising in the way we talk to ourselves, or others, it is not a competition. We do not need to live with low self-esteem, and low expectations. We do not have to be shy and afraid to speak in groups or in public, their is nothing wrong with our co-ordination, we can do things quickly and efficiently using less energy and better systems, we can celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We have phenomenal memories.

I want to let you know, you are okay, you are not broken, the way you were taught to handle situations may have been skewed, you have been doing it right all the time-there is more than one way to learn. You have all the resources you need, you are more successful than you have been led to believe.

The ability to think and reason is a human attribute that sets you apart, from animals that run on instinct. As you awaken your ability to think for yourself, you will discover that you know more than you ever thought you did.

The thing about the way we were taught to learn is we digest information and move on to the next lot of information, gathering knowledge. Knowledge without action is of no use to any one.

If we were to do what we knew to do, our lives would change dramatically.

What holds us back? The programmes and beliefs of our youthful years. We don’t believe we can do it. We are like the trained elephant, who as a young calf was chained by the foot to a sturdy stake, it didn’t matter how much he pulled and yanked he couldn’t get free. Eventually he gave up trying and believed he was chained for life. As he grew the chain was removed, the elephant was free. He could walk away at any time, just he didn’t know it.

We are like the elephant, bound by unseen and unwritten rules.

It is setting big goals that cause you to stretch, and by listening to your inner intuition, which uses all the knowledge you have accumulated to formulate the best plan for you.

You have a fabulous mind, wake it up.

They way you think determines the life you live.

Challenge yourself to follow your authentic dream, the one that has been nagging you all your life.

Until next time, Set a goal, use your mind and thoughts for you, travel your journey to your authentic self, YOU are one of a kind.

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xoxo Linda


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