Fighting the Hand That Heals You.

I always say a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands.

-Haley Mills.

Ask to receive,

Extend to give.

Hello, My Friends

We are on the flip side of winter, we’ve just had the shortest day, so the weather only gets warmer and sunnier. Or that’s what we tell ourselves.

Last week our ginger cat, decided he’d had enough. He’s a biggish cat, very heavy to lift, and has an attitude that won’t put up with people nonsense. Cats on the other hand, he’s always been a lover not a fighter, until last week. The neighbours black and white cat must have stolen his food one time too many and he wasn’t having it.

Hubby and I were watching tele, and could hear the low rumble of a cat in distress, heading to the food dish we found our ginger cat all puffed up and feeling pretty fiery, growling at the cat door.

We opened the back door to see what he was going on about and in a flash he was out the door, black fur mixed with ginger and white fur, they rolled around in the carport for a few minutes, before we could separate them. The black cat shot off down the drive into the night, Our ginger cat slunk under the car, to watch and make sure the other cat didn’t return that night.

I’m not sure what the other cat did to fire our ginger cat up, but he was stamping his foot and letting the other cat know he lived here, and others are not welcome.

What situation sees you putting your foot down, and saying no more. I will not tolerate this anymore.

Are we like the cat? Do we put up with being encroached on until we can’t handle it any more? Then with fire in our belly we attack the perceived offender.

Our cat suffered a few scratches and bites. He licked his wounds, but was unable to prevent one of them becoming infected. We took him to the vet for treatment. He was a pretty docile cat when I put him in the cage to travel the 5 kms into town, he cried all the way, telling me of his displeasure. At the vets he became more vocal as the foreign smells bombarded his senses.

Eventually it was our turn to see the vet. My lion cat was now so meek, he allowed the lady to shave him, to give him a tablet (which he would have clawed and chewed me to bits if I’d tried) and take his temperature, (ouch) without any movement. He was taken out the back for the abscess on his neck to be lanced. What a docile animal, I wish he’d be like that for me. The vet gave him his painkillers and antibiotic tablets and told me, “He needs to have two antibiotic tablets twice a day, and the painkiller paste once a day.” I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, right. he’s not going to sit for me like he did for her.’

Are we like my cat? We fire up and let people know we are not going to be walked on anymore, things are going to change, that things will be different now. Then after the confrontation we keep guard watching to see who will step over the line we have drawn. And lick our wounds, maybe we didn’t we expect that the other party would have a response of some sort to our outburst. Maybe our feelings were hurt and we’ve had to step away to regroup.

Maybe like our ginger the wounds have become infected, and are taking our attention away from more important things. We meekly sit and allow circumstances to happen around us, not taking any responsibility or effort to use what is happening.

On the short trip home he hardly made a noise, I made up a bed for him so he could sleep of the pain. Before long it was my turn to give him two antibiotic tablets. Goodness me, there was no sitting still and letting me pop them in his mouth, no! I had to corner him, wrap him in a towel (for my safety, his claws are very sharp) then pry his mouth open without touching his wound. Oh! what a mission. He is one stubborn cat. I am also stubborn, and I’m determined he is having his meds, and we are not going back to the vet for this injury. After much tousling I succeeded. Phew! Five days to go.

Do we fight against the very things that bring us health, wealth and happiness?

Like the cat, do we dig our toes in, and fight, squirming and twisting in all directions to worm our way out of the dilemma we find ourselves in. What if we surrendered? If we let it be, if we learned to look at the bigger picture. I knew that by giving the cat these tablets it would prevent further future heart ache for him and for me. What if the situations we find ourselves in, were part of a bigger plan, a plan that is conspiring to bring about our health, wealth and happiness? Would we still fight it so hard?

We are now on day three with the cat, we purchased a gadget that helps the tablet to get into the back of the cats throat easily, I enlisted the help of hubby, and the cat seems to be more accepting of his pill taking escapades. I wrap him in the towel, (to protect me from the ginger hair explosion, that happens every time you touch him) I hold his mouth open and hubby drops the tablets one at a time into his mouth. Yay!

Some times we need help to maintain our goals and our standards, we needed help to get the tablet into the cats throat, and I needed to ask for help to get the cat held and dosed. What if you are in a position where you need help? Often help is just a question away, but because of pride, or sorrow or guilt we think we can’t ask for help.

If you require assistance, Ask. Do your research, find out what you need to know, seek out who is best to help you. If you ask the wrong person you may not get the help you need. If you ask the right person but the wrong question you may still not get the right help. Keep asking and gaining clarity to know what the right question is and who the right person to ask is, then ask and keep on asking, varying the way the question is asked until you get what you need to make the transition you want.

What is the worst that will happen? You ask and you don’t get, if you didn’t ask you still wouldn’t have gotten anything. You are now a little closer to getting because you know one question that didn’t work with this person at this time. Ask again, and keep asking. No is not personal, it is a clue that you need to keep moving forward, studying and investigating other options. The word ‘no’ flipped over is ‘on’ when you get a no, flip it and move on.

Our ginger cat has a vendetta against the neighbour’s cat, we have found evidence of more fighting with black and ginger hair tangles over our property. He is standing his ground and letting the neighbour know exactly where the boundaries are, ginger is saying “no” to the black cat, and is defending his stand.

Be like the ginger cat, and choose the values that are important to you, and create standards to live by to live into your values. Also set boundaries around your standards and keep intruders and imposters out. Your standards are yours to live into.

Be your authentic self, ask for help when you need it, set your boundaries around your standards and use what ever you are currently going through as a tool to create a better future for you and your loved ones.

Until next time.

xoxo Linda.


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