Christmas is calling are you ready?

Hello, My friends.

Christmas is looming at us quickly. This week flew by so quickly, I don’t think I had time to catch up with myself.

This week I thought I would scratch the surface of a gnarly subject so close to Christmas.


Do you have enough money to make your ends meet easily? Or are you stretched to capacity?

Do you feel like you never have enough money to do the day to day things, and now Christmas is almost here? Panic is setting in, anxiety over how you will pay the bills and get the gifts and the food, and still make the rent or mortgage.

What if I told you money is energy, it is a medium with which we exchange our energy.

Our energy is released in the things we do, that offer value to others and we are paid in relation to the value they place on our energy.

What are you doing to exchange your energy for money? Are you so valuable that if you stopped giving the service or product you exchange, there would be a huge gap and the company or people who employ you for your energy would struggle to replace you?

What would it take for you to be that valuable? How could you give more value? Be the most cheerful receptionist? Give the presentation that wows the sales team, that keeps them interested and motivated? Be the parent who gives your child love and understanding, teaching them they are enough?

Money is important. It is vital to the way we live in our world.

How we earn and invest our money says a lot about who we are. I have heard some say, that money corrupts good people, does it? Or was the ‘corruption’ already in their personality, just unseen.

I believe we get to decide what we believe about anything, and that includes money. Money can not corrupt if there is nothing for it to corrupt. Money can not do anything unless you choose to let it.

You may have noticed I said ‘invest our money’ instead of spending our money. It is a minor shift in wording, but it has a major shift in how we feel about the money we give to others. You are exchanging your energy for the items you wish to purchase, it is an energy exchange as well as a physical exchange.

When you go to the supermarket to purchase your groceries, instead of thinking I spent all that money, think I INVESTED all this money in our health and well-being.

Instead of paying your bills, think of the services, or products you are receiving and how investing in those services and products are making your life better or easier.

It’s a subtle shift, and it welcomes your money, it makes your money feel useful.

Imagine that your money was in a relationship with you.

Would it feel loved and welcome in your home? Does it get talked about with respect, or does it cause arguments and fights? Do you make time to treat your money well, or does it get neglected? Do you take your money out or does it have to hide, are you embarrassed by having money? or are you embarrassed because you don’t seem to keep money.

Money is a lot like people, it goes where it is welcome and stays where it is loved and respected.

How do you feel about money? Is it your friend? Does it come to you willingly? Does it stay with you from one payday to the next?

There are two ways to increase your money, Earn more than you spend, spend less than you earn. And save the difference, then make this money work harder for you that you did to earn it.

As we move into the Christmas season, be mindful of your money and the energy that you gave to earn it. Give it wisely, invest in your loved ones, invest in yourself.

As an aside, when you have debt, you are enslaved by the body you owe money to. If you can it is a good thing to get yourself free from the debt trap. The debt trap seems to suck the life and vitality out of our lives, leaving us feeling hopeless, helpless and trapped.

Feeling like I’ll never make ends meet, like there is more month than there is money, wishing if only I could buy…., feeling despondent because the kids need shoes, the car repair bill needs paying.

I get it, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like not to have food to put on the table, or money to buy clothes, to have a car that still has a balance owing on it and needs repairs done to it, to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for school books and school clothes, to have that tight knot in my belly knowing that I have Christmas gifts to buy and the pressure to keep up with the “Rellies’ with a bank account in the single dollars.

Over time and with help, I got out of the debt trap, learned how to put money aside for necessities, and to save, to purchase what I need with the money I have and to pay off all the credit cards, car debt, and even the mortgage.

It is possible, it does take diligence and perseverance, it will seem difficult as you retrain your mind to better habits. I have found that the freedom of having money and an abundant mindset far outweighs the fear and shame of hiding from my situation, and not being in a great place with money.

I can help you to change your energy around your money, give you motivation, tools and support to move your finances in the direction you wish.

This week I challenge you to bless your money before you send it off on it’s mission to create a better life for you. Invest your energy, your money in things and services that expand and make you a better person this Christmas season.

Until next week, be true to yourself and investigate where you are with your finances.

Linda Codlin


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