Mirror, Mirror, Who is that reflection?

“The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.”- Charlie Chaplin

“As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is authenticity.”- Charlie Chaplin

Hello, My friends.

Have you looked in the mirror lately, and the reflection staring back at you is vaguely familiar.

You know that person, or at least you used to. Maybe you have a few, more wrinkles, a bit more sadness in your eyes, your body is not the shape you are familiar with. You wonder where did the youthfulness and playfulness go.

Now, let me say this. I am not talking about age, your age is just a number. Your age will only stop you if you let it.

I am talking about the enthusiasm of loving life.

When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt. The kind of genuine laugh that a small child has when they see something new and intriguing. A contagious laugh, one that ‘set the whole world smiling’ as the song goes. A laugh where it didn’t matter what other people think.

Or cried so much you could not cry another tear. Did you know that tears are a healthy way of washing our souls clean? Tears are good for you. Did you also know you don’t have to be sad, or mad or frustrated to shed tears? What? I know! Why wasn’t this memo sent to everyone? Often you feel like you can only cry when life feels so bad, when you’ve been screwed over – again, when some-one has broken your trust – again and nothing is ever going to go your way again, these tears are part of the party that is called to celebrate the worst part of life, the pity party, the woe is me party, and the he/she has done me wrong party.

These parties are directly related to the thoughts you are thinking.

You can also cry tears of joy, love, peace and success. These tears are like gold, they celebrate all the good things in life. The arrival of long unseen family and friends, The certificate or degree, that represents all the hours of study and work behind the scenes, The feeling of love and acceptance of a good job well done, The feeling of having achieved, the sensation of ‘I did it’ ‘I’m so proud of myself’ These parties tend to be smaller and more intimate in nature, they are more fragile, and by invitation only.

Why is that? Is it because we are more vulnerable, we hide the good as if we are ashamed of it, just in case some big foot will come stomping through our beautiful sandcastle, that took all morning to create.

These parties are also directly related to the thoughts we think.

Have you ever seriously asked yourself, “Why do I ….. always attract cheating men/ women, always end up with no money, always give more time than I want to, always sabotage myself, always end up in this place, why does this keep happening to me?

I’ll give you a clue.

It has to do with the thoughts that you think, and the secret beliefs you hold about yourself.

For most people, you try to cover up the feeling of lack, the feeling of not having enough, or being enough, with other people or stuff, or you try to make yourself seem bigger than you are by the activities you involve yourself in. Some people go into theatre, to be the centre of attention, some go into giving and charity work to prove they are worthy of respect. Some live small lives afraid of being seen, some use their size and power to keep others under control, some use and abuse their authority to make them feel significant.

The underlying belief and lie that has been absorbed into your subconscious mind, and is evident in the way you choose your friends, your career, your lover, your spouse, your surroundings, your living standard, the way you allow people to talk to you, to treat or mistreat you, the way you respond or react to people who don’t agree with you.


When you begin to believe you are enough and you are worthy, you begin to know within yourself, that you have nothing to prove. You are good enough the way you are. You are not broken and have never been broken, you are enough and you are worthy, you no longer have to put up with being someone else’s verbal or physical punching bag, you no longer have to be less than anyone, you are equal, you are enough and you are worthy, you discover you have a voice and that there are people who want to hear what you have to say.

Your confidence begins to grow, you begin to think better thoughts about yourself, and begin to put in better boundaries around you.

I want you to write on your mirror with maker pen, or lipstick, in big bold letters.



When you look in the mirror read these words to yourself, repeat them over and over.

This simple statement by-passes the truth vs lie detector in your brain, because you have always been enough, from birth you knew you were perfect, you had no fear, no shame, you were enough because you were. That is the secret ingredient that has been buried in our lives, we’ve forgotten we are enough and always have been.

I would encourage you to start a journal, take note of the arguments that come back at you when you begin to state to yourself, I AM ENOUGH! I AM WORTHY! These are the thoughts that are keeping you locked in the behaviour patterns that decide which party you attend, the pity party or the celebration party.

Believe you are enough, if you are breathing, you are enough, if you can think, think the best about yourself. You are worthy of the best, and it begins with the way you think about yourself.

My challenge for you is to be brave enough to write:


On your bathroom mirror, on a post note attached to the steering wheel of your car, as your computer or phone screensaver / wallpaper, make an I AM ENOUGH! bracelet- and ping it every-time you notice the thought ‘I can’t’ and replace it with I am enough, I can.

I would love to hear how you find doing this challenge.

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Until next time, Know you are enough and you always have been.

Linda Codlin.


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