A made bed makes all the difference: Made yours yet?

Do you feel off balance in your own life?

Do you ever wonder if you could be or do more with your life?

What if this was it, would you be happy to live your life this way every day?

Beauty and peace begin with a made bed.

Hello, My friends,

Did you have an opportunity to discover your why this week? The reason why you do what you do is so important to you getting anything done, with grace and ease.

This week I took a bus trip to visit my daughters. It was great to catch up with them and the grand children.

I love making a difference, making a difference is one of my whys. While staying with my daughter, I feel I made a difference.

It’s the little things like adding a vase of fresh picked flowers on the table to add a touch of colour and cheer. It’s unpacking the box, that has been staring and mocking at you, nagging by it’s very presence. Reminding you that you still haven’t finished yet. It’s clearing off the paper pile that always accumulates on that flat surface by the door, and putting a pretty bowl there to capture your keys.

Making a difference. Creating order from disorder- leaving the office a little bit neater than it was before you came in. Picking up those pesky bits of paper that seem to miss the bin when you’re sure your aim was accurate.

Imagine creating the feeling of a high class hotel room in your home. As you walk in the door, placing your keys in the designated place, kicking off your shoes and having them land in front of the shoe stand, so its just an easy bend to put them away. You feel the stress of the day easing off your shoulders and relaxation sweeping over you. As you look around at the few valuable and memorable items you have on display, you feel the connection you have with the people who are important to you.

This is possible, creating peace and order are a few diligent steps away.

Allow me to share how I create peace and order in my home. Stand at the main entrance of your home and look at it with the eyes of a visitor, as if you are seeing it for the first time. Are you greeted with piles of shoes, The rubbish bin, finger marks on the window panes.

My back door opens into my laundry to the left and the kitchen to the right, and the hallway straight ahead. It is imperative for me that the benches are clear of anything that is not useful or decorative.

Moving through your home, note anything you dislike, things you have kept out of duty because great aunt Mary gave it to you for a wedding gift, If you don’t love it, rehome it. Gift to someone who will love it and use it. Do you have things on display that would be better stored out of sight. Clear off your counter tops, Clear off your book shelves of all the extra items and make them beautiful with one or two well placed ornaments.

In your bedroom, make your bed. Every-time you get out of it, pull it up and straighten the cover. It takes a minute and makes the room look so organised and tidy, open the drapes and let the light in, if you’re home open the window. Do you have clothes strewn on every flat surface and all over the floor? Every morning take five minutes to pick up a few items, decide whether you like it or not. Have a box for clothes to give away, and a bag for clothes for rubbish. Clear out one draw at a time, put only the clothes you love and will wear in the draw, then move on to the next drawer. Be ruthless, if it doesn’t fit right, make you feel like a million bucks, or enhance your self esteem, it probably needs to go. By the time you have finished, your room will look tidy and organized, be a pleasure to be in and take very little time and energy to maintain.

By making the little daily decisions to keep your home tidy, the difference you are making will show up in how you show up, how you dress, how you walk.

The way you live your life in private has an impact on how you live your life in public. Your subconscious mind knows all your secrets, and even if you are good at putting on a front and pretending you are together, deep down under the surface you feel like a fraud. To create harmony within yourself, you want to drop the act, but fear of being rejected or outed keeps you stuck.

One way you can live an authentic life is to become the person you know you want to be. To begin to marry your inner life with your external life, and to align your external life to your inner life, these are directly related. They are a closed loop, your emotional condition drives your physical state, which then reinforces your emotional condition and around you go again.

By working on your environment you can short circuit the cycle, and give yourself time to work on the real under cover gremlins that always seem to sabotage your best efforts.

Do you find that you can’t keep your resolutions for very long? That’s because you haven’t changed the underlying belief of who you are and what you are worth. This is the emotional undercover work that will set you free to be your authentic self .

It is my belief that change and freedom is within the reach of every one who is willing to do the undercover work, to heal the emotional wounds that hide in their deepest core, and apply the principles of mindset training consistently, to take the physical action that is required to recondition and upgrade their internal and external image and environment.

What is your why? Why would you want to create peace and harmony in your life, in your family, in your career? Why do you want that secret want, you know, the one you never talk about with anyone but you keep coming back to? Why do you want better health? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to earn the mega bucks? Why do you want to travel to the places where the tourists never go? Why do you want to help those less fortunate than yourself? Why do you give your energy to people who never appreciate your efforts? Why do you want to get married and have children? WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

Be brutally honest with yourself, don’t hide behind the norms and excuses that our society create to keep us in our boxes. Now is your time to jump out of the box and to create, discover, and live.

As a life coach I can help you discover your why, I can help you get motivated and make a difference in your life. Together we can create your life of peace and order.

Your challenge this week is to ask yourself. ” What is my why?” Why am I doing this …..? What is my motive for doing and thinking ……?” Why do I really want….? Find your deep why, and you’ll reveal your core values.

Also begin to make a difference in your environment, make your bed everyday, clear off your benches, add flowers to your table, do those naggy jogs that are weighing on your mind. Break the cycle and begin to build your self esteem and confidence.

Until next time, live your life your way, be your authentic self.

Linda Codlin


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