Words have Power.

Those who choose to succeed always do better than those who never choose at all.

Words have power.

The written and spoken word have power long after they have been noted or spoken.

Words begin with your thoughts.

Where you are today is in direct relation to the words that you have said, or read, or have been spoken over you, and the thoughts you think about what you’ve read, heard or spoken.

It is my belief that there are three ways our thoughts are received

The first is from our senses:

Our Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, and Hearing. Everything we have learned have come from our senses, either from our environment or our past experiences.

The second way thoughts are received is through our ego.

The ego psychology focus’ on the management of primal and aggressive impulses. Our ego comes from the state of fear. It includes emotions like anger, hate, guilt, blame, inferiority and criticism.

The primal need for ego is to protect us, it perceives everything as a threat against our natural lives.

The third way thoughts are received is through our higher selves.

Some call it The Universe, God, and The Source. These thoughts speak through our spirit. I call this my inner voice, which comes from the state of Love.

Words can be used to encourage and help people, we can bless those around us with the words we use.

Words can also be used to harm and discourage people, we can curse those around us with our words.

We get to choose how we use our words.

Do we give life to those around us or do we take life from them?

Each time we genuinely bless someone, praise someone, be grateful for or to someone we increase their energy.

And every time we put someone down, or tell them how stupid they are, or they are a waste of space. We are draining their life energy.

Our egos thrive on fear, it grows stronger the more we feed it with the negative thoughts and words we speak to ourselves and others.

Our words are like the obstacles in a computer game.

We are the hero/heroine, and as such we have special armour and life forces. As we go through the levels of the game, there are items (words) that diminish or increase our life energy. If we are hit often enough with the negative and draining words we will lose our will to live or our dreams lose their energy. If on the other hand we are hit with positive and encouraging words we gain momentum and more life energy, our dreams are inspired.

The words we speak to others and ourselves increase our life energy or decrease our life energy.

Why would we make the deliberate choice to decrease life energy by speaking unkind words and death enhancing words to ourselves and others?

Words like “I can’t do this.” “I’m never going to be good enough” “I always fail.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” “I’m always sick” “I always lose weight and then put it back on again.”

Why not choose to make the deliberate choice to increase life energy by speaking loving and kind words to ourselves and others?

Words like “I can do this.” “I’m enough.” I’m good enough.” “I always find an answer to the question.” I am fit, well, and healthy.” ” I am permanently slender,”

Words have power.

What are the key words you use over and over to describe yourself, or your children, or your partner.

Everyday you get to have a choice about what you speak. The words you say or think have an emotional reaction within your body.

Will you create life?

Your words have the power to make a huge difference in your life.

What is expected tends to be realized, what do you expect, with the words that you say.

My belief is we create with our thoughts.

Our thoughts create feelings. (Our words create emotions)

Those emotions create our actions (Creating life or destroying life)

Those actions create habits (A life of success and joy or of misery and depression)

Those habits create our life. ( A well lived life, or a life of regret and I wish..)

Choosing to live your life by your own choice. Is the greatest freedom you will ever have.

I encourage you to choose one of your most negative re-occurring words and flip it upside down, and use the opposite to speak into your life this week and see if it makes a difference to how you think and feel. See if it makes a difference to how those around you think and feel.

If you’re struggling to find a statement pick one of mine.

“I am enough.”

“I am confident, I can do this.”

“You did a great job, well done.”

“I am creative.”

“I choose to make life giving statements today.”

Have a great week, Live your most authentic life giving week.

Until next time.

Linda Codlin.

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