The Month of Self-Love Week Two

Hello, My Friends This week has seen me tenting in the Ruahine Ranges, with my daughter and grand children. I pitched my tent under the Kereru (NZ Wood Pigeon) super highway, all we watched the graceful flight of these heavy birds with their wings displacing the air giving the whoosh sound that lets you knowContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love Week Two”

The Month of Self-Love Week One

Self-Love is owning our story , loving ourselves through the process, and is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do for ourselves. Hello, My friends This week has flown by with bicycle rides, and sitting in the shade of the trees on the river bank watching the speed boats race, smelling the fuel and having ourContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love Week One”

The Hidden Joy and Peace Within

Life brings Tears, Smiles, and Memories, The tears dry, the smiles fade, But memories last forever. Hello, My friends. This week I have had my granddaughter staying, we have been doing a lot of different activities. Things I’d forgotten I used to love, like riding a push bike, a genuine push bike- no peddling, noContinue reading “The Hidden Joy and Peace Within”

What does Self-Belief & Abundance Have in Common?

ABUNDANCE COMES FROM THE SEEDS OF GRATITUDE. The land of abundance is big enough to accommodate us all, clear your abundant river of the boulders that hold back the waters. Hello, My friends. This week has seen me tick off one of the projects I have been working on. Wallpaper and painting done, the officeContinue reading “What does Self-Belief & Abundance Have in Common?”

Christmas is calling are you ready?

Hello, My friends. Christmas is looming at us quickly. This week flew by so quickly, I don’t think I had time to catch up with myself. This week I thought I would scratch the surface of a gnarly subject so close to Christmas. Finances. Do you have enough money to make your ends meet easily?Continue reading “Christmas is calling are you ready?”

Mirror, Mirror, Who is that reflection?

“The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.”- Charlie Chaplin “As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is authenticity.”- Charlie Chaplin Hello, My friends. Have you looked in the mirrorContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror, Who is that reflection?”

Ocean liner Vs Dingy You Get to Choose.

Choose to live a big life. A life full of excitement and love. A life that makes you sit on the edge of your chair. Hello, My friends. Have you ever felt like you were on the edge of something huge, and all you have to do is step into it? It’s that feeling ofContinue reading “Ocean liner Vs Dingy You Get to Choose.”

The Golden Goose Vs The Golden Eggs

The goose that lays golden eggs has been considered a most valuable possession. Hello, My Friends. This week I have been thinking about self care, and what that means to our life and family. When my children were young, I had four children under the age of four. A wise woman from the church IContinue reading “The Golden Goose Vs The Golden Eggs”

5 Steps to Handle Life’s Situations

Don’t let life’s situations take up too much of today. When you feel better, you take better action, and then you get better results. Hello, My friends. Do you ever feel like life rises up and smacks you around the ears? That life gives us the exam before we learn the lesson. This week sawContinue reading “5 Steps to Handle Life’s Situations”