Smooth Edges Catch No Threads

People are the tools the Universe uses to smooth other people’s rough edges, Love is the balm that heals all wounds. Grace is the key that open hearts doors. Power is staying in your business, when everyone is in everyone else’s business. Hello, My Friends Wisdom and truth through authenticity in everyday living. Struggles makeContinue reading “Smooth Edges Catch No Threads”

Vision!! What you think, you see!

Every time you are tempted to see things in the light of the past, ask yourself does this bring fear, or freedom? Lean into Love and Joy. Hello, My Friends. This week has been a busy one. Have you ever had a job you knew you needed to do, but couldn’t quite motivate yourself toContinue reading “Vision!! What you think, you see!”

How Important is Your Personality?

Your smile is your logo, Your personality is your business card, How you leave others feeling After having an experience with you Becomes your trademark. – Jay Danzie Hello, My Friends. This week, my smallest grand child stayed over night. He is so charming, engrossed in the cars he was playing with. Small children areContinue reading “How Important is Your Personality?”

“With Age Comes Wisdom” They say.

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been. David Bowie Photograph by Vivek Kumar Hello, My Friends. This week has flown by. They say with age comes wisdom, I hope so. My number increased by another digit this week, and with it the potential to heal aContinue reading ““With Age Comes Wisdom” They say.”

Expectations, Your Secret Identity.

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, You can like them for who they are. Donald Miller “When you stop expecting yourself to be perfect, You can like you for who you are. “ Hello, My Friends. Life has settled into its usual routine, each day following the previous one. The mornings are gettingContinue reading “Expectations, Your Secret Identity.”

Become a Hero in History

Do you remember any of these items? Most are lost to archives and museums. History captured is… History remembered. Capture your history before it is gone. Your story today is the future generation’s history. Hello, My Friends This week hubby and I have been working on filling in his family tree. Back in the dayContinue reading “Become a Hero in History”

The Month of Self-Love: -Week Five

Self- Love is the gift that you give to yourself. Self-love is your energy signature Self -love is forgiving yourself Self-love is allowing yourself to enjoy your life Self-love is Celebrating you Hello, My Friends, Goodness, hasn’t this month flown by. This is the final review for the Month of Self-Love. So many great thingsContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love: -Week Five”

The Month of Self-Love: Week Four

Hello, My Friends, This week I stepped out of my comfort zone. I dared to go down the hydro-slide at the local swimming pool with my grandson. Something I have never done before. The orange slide was fun, slipping and skidding along aware of the water and the next twist and turn in the tunnel.Continue reading “The Month of Self-Love: Week Four”

The Month of Self-love. Week Three

Hello, My Friends Have you ever been talking about something you thought you had mastered, and wham, life rears up and kicks your butt. Just to remind you that it’s not as sorted as you thought it was. This week has been a week of solidifying and putting into practice the things I believe toContinue reading “The Month of Self-love. Week Three”