We live the lies of our youthful years.

Education is not limited to a classroom, Life gives us the lessons we most need to learn to grow into full maturity. Think, Learn, Do, Teach. Repeat. Hello, My Friends As a new month has begun, I have been reflecting on how I have lived the last month. Have I given my power away toContinue reading “We live the lies of our youthful years.”

Fighting the Hand That Heals You.

I always say a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands. -Haley Mills. Ask to receive, Extend to give. Hello, My Friends We are on the flip side of winter, we’ve just had the shortest day, so the weather only gets warmer and sunnier. Or that’s what we tell ourselves. Last week ourContinue reading “Fighting the Hand That Heals You.”

Bringing Back Broken Hearts to Health.

Every Time Your Heart is Broken, A Doorway Cracks Open to a World Full of New Beginnings and New Opportunities. You Just Don’t Know it Yet. Patti Roberts How does the broken heart heal? I have been thinking about the broken hearted, people who have had loved ones move on and out of their lives.Continue reading “Bringing Back Broken Hearts to Health.”

Release Resistance, Style Serenity

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, But peace amid the storm. S A Jefferson-Wright Whatever you resist you become. If you resist anger, you are always angry. If you resist sadness, you are always sad. If you resist suffering, you are always suffering. If you resist confusion, you are always confused. We think thatContinue reading “Release Resistance, Style Serenity”


Action or Inaction … You are only one decision away from taking charge of your life. Make one great decision, over and over until you get, the results you want. Hello, My Friends This week has been inspiring, I have been having interesting conversations that are stretching my thinking. Isn’t it wonderful that our brainContinue reading “ACTION- I ACT ON”

Smooth Edges Catch No Threads

People are the tools the Universe uses to smooth other people’s rough edges, Love is the balm that heals all wounds. Grace is the key that open hearts doors. Power is staying in your business, when everyone is in everyone else’s business. Hello, My Friends Wisdom and truth through authenticity in everyday living. Struggles makeContinue reading “Smooth Edges Catch No Threads”

Vision!! What you think, you see!

Every time you are tempted to see things in the light of the past, ask yourself does this bring fear, or freedom? Lean into Love and Joy. Hello, My Friends. This week has been a busy one. Have you ever had a job you knew you needed to do, but couldn’t quite motivate yourself toContinue reading “Vision!! What you think, you see!”