Letter from Omni- Let me remind you of who you are!

Wherever you walk you make a difference. Make your difference count. Leave your mark in such a way that the place is better for your having been there. To My Dearest Reader, Let me remind you of who you are. You may think you have little or nothing to give, allow me to remind you.Continue reading “Letter from Omni- Let me remind you of who you are!”

Reclaim Your True Identity

By invite only You may enter Life is mine To live By design Hello, My Friends What a wonderful week it’s been! (Just try living without it. ) It’s been an anti procrastination week in my home, we have moved rooms around, so my office is in a better place for writing, and the clientContinue reading “Reclaim Your True Identity”

5 Attributes of STYLE.

STYLE IS .. A FEELING STYLE IS .. AN ATTITUDE STYLE IS .. MAKING CHOICES STYLE IS .. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY STYLE IS .. SELF-LOVE Hello, My Friends Young children have enthusiasm, their energy seems boundless. How do we tap into this enthusiasm and energy? Waking up with pep and vitality, our young grandson wasContinue reading “5 Attributes of STYLE.”

Witchy Warts and All.

Begin where you are, Begin with what you have at hand, Begin even if it’s not perfect, Begin, improvement is at hand. Hello, My Friends. Sunday was Mother’s Day in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of having young grandson aged 9 to stay. He came with his electronic games. It’s been years since IContinue reading “Witchy Warts and All.”