The 3×3 grid for connection, and joy.

Never, Ever Underestimate the importance of having fun. Randy Pausch Hello, My Friends What a week it’s been?Family, friends, hubby and I took a heritage rail trip by steam train, through one of the amazing engineering feats of our country.It was a pleasure to catch up with people in a leisurely manner and to enjoyContinue reading “The 3×3 grid for connection, and joy.”

Harmony: Thoughts Create

Harmony: Thoughts Create Hello, My Friends Today is the last day of March, the final day of the month of harmony.I hope I have given you a few points to think about. That everything begins with a thought. Everything in your life began with a thought.If you can think, you can create.Most of us don’tContinue reading “Harmony: Thoughts Create”

Happiness is… Your Choice!

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends The final day of Happiness is…  We have covered a lot this month.  What is your definition of HAPPINESS? This makes a huge difference to how you feel happy.  I have skimmed over the surface of a lot of information, each one could form it’s own study.  To recap aContinue reading “Happiness is… Your Choice!”

Happiness is… Feeling Purposefully

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Acceptance is being in the moment as it is, without striving to change it, mold it, or make it anything else.  Once we have admitted where we are, like the chess player I mentioned yesterday, we can begin to strategize where we want to be in the next moment.  HappinessContinue reading “Happiness is… Feeling Purposefully”

Happiness is… Accepting where you are.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Did you stop for a moment to breathe, to feel, to play? What needs to happen for you to take a moment to be with you?  Do you need a life event to knock you off centre, for you to regain your balance?  As humans we are funny creatures, weContinue reading “Happiness is… Accepting where you are.”

Happiness is… Playfulness

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Playfulness, what does this mean to you?  Are you feeling happy, when you are feeling playful?  What are the activities you tend towards when you are feeling playful?  Are they physical? Are they mentally challenging?  Do you have more fun when you are with others? Or do you prefer yourContinue reading “Happiness is… Playfulness”

Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Releasing the past emotional ties, frees you to make decisions today that promise to create joy and purpose in your future.  I can’t say it will be easy, or that it will be a one and done deal. What I can say, is the freedom to make decisions based onContinue reading “Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness”

Happiness is… Retelling your story to empower you.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends The past is the past. It is now a memory. The sensations you feel about your past are the emotions you have linked to that past event.  You can rewrite your history. You can rewrite your emotions around any past event.  It will take courage, it will take determination, andContinue reading “Happiness is… Retelling your story to empower you.”

Happiness is… Embracing your past

Happiness is … Hello, My Friends Does your past stop you from living today the way you want to?  We all have a past. What do you do with your past?  Is your past pushing you to be better?  Do you feel you have to prove to others that you are worthy? Is your pastContinue reading “Happiness is… Embracing your past”

Happiness is… Valuing your past.

Happiness is … Hello, My Friends Decisions are the little things our lives are made up of. At any moment of any day, you are making decisions. You are deciding what to eat and what not to eat. You decide what to wear. You decide on what goes into your environment. The little, seemingly insignificantContinue reading “Happiness is… Valuing your past.”