Happiness is… Loving your body

Hello, My Friends How can we build self trust in our body?  Everything that happens in our body is feedback.  Pain is feedback, Joy is feedback.  Click the tile below to see today’s video. It is really important to acknowledge your body.  Your body and you are on the same team. You both want theContinue reading “Happiness is… Loving your body”

Happiness is … Trusting your body, your mind and your spirit.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends You have the power within you to set your greatness and your full potential free. How do you build trust in your body, your mind, and your spirit?  It’s easy to say, and so difficult and uncomfortable to do.  We all have an inner knowing. I can guarantee, if IContinue reading “Happiness is … Trusting your body, your mind and your spirit.”

Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends Within you is greatness, an untapped wealth of potential.  Learning about who you are, what you like and don’t like are very important aspects to unwrapping the gift of yourself.  Most of us are unhappy because we are doing things that are not in alignment with our greatness.  We are striving toContinue reading “Happiness is …”

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends What are your payoffs, for the things you do? Do you like the payoff? Does it make you happy? Sometimes we do things we don’t enjoy, to get to the things we do enjoy, or that promise to give us enjoyment. For example, we have been renovating our home.Do like living inContinue reading “Happiness is…”

False Happiness vs True Happiness

Happiness is… The only thing that will make you truly happy is being happy with who you are. Goldie Hawn Hello, My Friends It’s been a busy week, everyday I’ve been doing a 60 days to sixty challenge, which, if you’re interested are documented on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/linda.codlin. Happiness is … What is happinessContinue reading “False Happiness vs True Happiness”

Every day is a new day!

Sunrise from my deck. A one of a kind spectacular, For my enjoyment Every day is a completely new day, Never been lived before. Hello, My Friends Welcome to a brand New Year. 2022 has the promise to be what ever we want it to be. Do you believe that your life is already destinedContinue reading “Every day is a new day!”