ABC’s of Respect

Respect: Hello, My Friends Today, I want to introduce you to the ABC’s of respect.  We use respect in many different ways every day.  Today I want you to spend a few minutes pondering how you use the value of respect in your everyday interactions with other people.  I would like to suggest using yourContinue reading “ABC’s of Respect”

Respect: What you value.

Respect what you value. Hello, My Friends We respect what we value.  How much value do you place on yourself?  Are you valuable enough to seek help when you need it?  What are your filters that you run the decisions that affect you, through? Self-respect is about knowing what is acceptable to you and whatContinue reading “Respect: What you value.”

Respect: Be proud of yourself.

Respect: Be proud of you! Hello, My Friends Self Respect, showing respect for yourself.  What was your definition of respect?  Did you use words like value, esteem, recognition, admire?  Do you use those words when you describe yourself to yourself?  Or do you call yourself names, like stupid, dumb, good for nothing. The word respectContinue reading “Respect: Be proud of yourself.”

Respect: Yourself First

Hello, My Friends This month I want to encourage you to respect yourself, first and foremost.  To respect anyone else, or to receive respect from anyone else the most important person to respect is you.  Do you always show up for yourself?  When you say to yourself, “I must go to the gym today.” DoContinue reading “Respect: Yourself First”

Respect: What does it mean to you?

Hello, My Friends Welcome to the month of February. This month’s topic is respect.  Everyday I will be asking a question of you, my intention is for you to begin to think intentionally by answering these questions as honestly as you can.  So, respect what does respect mean to you?  If I walked up toContinue reading “Respect: What does it mean to you?”

Happiness is… Your Choice!

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends The final day of Happiness is…  We have covered a lot this month.  What is your definition of HAPPINESS? This makes a huge difference to how you feel happy.  I have skimmed over the surface of a lot of information, each one could form it’s own study.  To recap aContinue reading “Happiness is… Your Choice!”

Happiness is… Feeling Purposefully

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Acceptance is being in the moment as it is, without striving to change it, mold it, or make it anything else.  Once we have admitted where we are, like the chess player I mentioned yesterday, we can begin to strategize where we want to be in the next moment.  HappinessContinue reading “Happiness is… Feeling Purposefully”

Happiness is… Accepting where you are.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Did you stop for a moment to breathe, to feel, to play? What needs to happen for you to take a moment to be with you?  Do you need a life event to knock you off centre, for you to regain your balance?  As humans we are funny creatures, weContinue reading “Happiness is… Accepting where you are.”

Happiness is… Playfulness

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Playfulness, what does this mean to you?  Are you feeling happy, when you are feeling playful?  What are the activities you tend towards when you are feeling playful?  Are they physical? Are they mentally challenging?  Do you have more fun when you are with others? Or do you prefer yourContinue reading “Happiness is… Playfulness”

Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Releasing the past emotional ties, frees you to make decisions today that promise to create joy and purpose in your future.  I can’t say it will be easy, or that it will be a one and done deal. What I can say, is the freedom to make decisions based onContinue reading “Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness”