Leading: Remaining calm under pressure

Leading: Remaining calm under pressure Hello, My Friends Effective leaders know how to remain calm under pressure, they have learned how to regulate their responses. They walk calmly, purposefully and focused in the direction of their objectives, not being derailed by the heightened emotions of others. An effective leader takes care of their body. TheirContinue reading “Leading: Remaining calm under pressure”

Leading: Remaining calm in emergencies.

Leading: Remaining calm in emergencies. Hello, My Friends People who are calm and calmly take charge, giving those who don’t have a direction, a task to do are self lead leaders. These people are the best in an emergency. They have a cool head, and those around them feel the confidence and certainty that emanatesContinue reading “Leading: Remaining calm in emergencies.”

Leading: Master the small stuff.

Leading: Master the small stuff. Hello, My Friends Having command over, or being in charge of implies responsibility. Most people are not given the responsibility of being in command of other people or vessels, or businesses without some form of training, or proof of ability. Learning to lead, is a skill and it can takeContinue reading “Leading: Master the small stuff.”

Leading: Having command over.

Leading: Having command over. Hello, My Friends One of the definitions of leading is to be in charge of, to have command over. It is my belief that the only person we can control is ourselves. A powerful person is someone who commands themselves. Think about that statement, a powerful person is someone who commandsContinue reading “Leading: Having command over.”

Leading: Managing vs leading

Leading: Managing vs leading Hello, My Friends What is the difference between managing and leading? There is a difference in the way they think, in the way they handle the same tasks. In the following categories we will compare how managers behave and how leaders behave. 1) Planning: A manager focuses on sequences and tasks,Continue reading “Leading: Managing vs leading”

Leading through growth and productivity

Leading through growth and productivity Hello, My Friends Part of being a leader is to encourage growth, both personally and professionally within yourself and your team. As well as creating productivity, reaching goals and standards that the company have set.Leading a team is about planning and strategising on the measurable metrics that are required toContinue reading “Leading through growth and productivity”

Leading by example

Leading by example. Hello, My Friends Effective leaders lead from the front, They also lead from the centre of the pack, and they also walk with the stragglers at the back. An effective leader leads by example, they have nothing to prove to anyone else, and they have a lot to share and give toContinue reading “Leading by example”

Leading through Listening

Leading through listening. Hello, My Friends On the flip side of leading with words, is leading through listening. We have been given two ears and one mouth as a ratio guide on how to communicate. Most people have a brain that runs at a million miles an hour, and is half way into the nextContinue reading “Leading through Listening”

Leading through talking.

Leading through talking. Hello, My Friends Another essential asset of leading is talking. Speaking with words, speaking with the written word, and speaking without words. As the saying goes ‘Actions speak louder than words,” goes it is partly right.There is so much more to talking than the words we use. Leading involves using words plusContinue reading “Leading through talking.”

Leading: Being teachable is an essential asset.

Leading: Being teachable is an essential asset. Hello, My Friends How did you get on with smiling at yourself in the mirror? Did you feel foolish? It does get easier and it does shift something within you. Today I want to talk about another attribute of leading and that is the essential things required toContinue reading “Leading: Being teachable is an essential asset.”