Living Life Looking Forward.

“Hello, My FriendsLiving life looking forward is about looking into your imagination, and forward projecting yourself into the future. Your ideal future. For me, my coach taught me to imagine myself as my future 90 year old self.She is a woman who has achieved all the things I want to achieve. She is the embodimentContinue reading “Living Life Looking Forward.”

How to Feel Better.

How to feel better. Hello, My Friends Three ways to feel better quickly. 1) Appreciate what you have.This sounds pretty basic, but when we get into a funk it can be quite difficult to see what we already have, when we are focusing on what we don’t have, or on what isn’t working well.Three thingsContinue reading “How to Feel Better.”

How many people connections do you really have?

You have a greater circle of connection than you realize. Often we feel insignificant and like we are not doing anything of value, this is so untrue, you impact people without even being aware you do. Stop and look around at the people in your everyday. Hello, My Friends Challenging Norms,How is the way youContinue reading “How many people connections do you really have?”

What does your home say about your emotions?

Hello My Friends Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching. As the month of challenging norms comes to a close, I hope I have given you some ways to improve your life, by improving the way you think about what is normal. Today I want to talk about where you live, and how you live there. WhenContinue reading “What does your home say about your emotions?”

What are YOU waiting for?

What are you waiting for?Who do you need to gain permission from to go for it?What ducks need to line up for you to feel confident to begin?What do you need to begin to live your life on your terms?A DECISION that today is the day to begin. Hello, My Friends What are YOU waitingContinue reading “What are YOU waiting for?”

What makes you tired?

Hello, My Friends Last night I was asked what my favourite quote was, “It’s not what you do that makes you tired, it’s what you don’t do that makes you tired.” I don’t even know where I collected this quote from. Challenging the norm, of being tired.What makes you tired? Spoiler alert, it’s your thoughts.WhenContinue reading “What makes you tired?”

Changing Habits

A habit is a thought and action that has been repeated so many times it becomes automatic and normal. We become so accustomed to doing this action we are not aware we do it. Challenging these habits will be life changing. Hello, My Friends Challenging Norms, what is normal for you may not be normalContinue reading “Changing Habits”

Challenging Norms- Tooting your own horn.

Hello, My Friends Challenging Norms, Blowing your own horn!? What is your stance on the statement of blowing your own horn? Is it inappropriate to state what you are good at, what you love to do, or share something you are feeling particularly proud of? This is our challenging norms opinion piece for today. WereContinue reading “Challenging Norms- Tooting your own horn.”

Fear of failing is…

How would you answer this statement? Hello, My Friends Challenging Norms… Fears are such powerful things.Fear is a response to our brain perceiving something or someone will harm us,The emotional feeling of fear is our body responding to the brains stimulus.Our body needs to be ready to run, to fight, or to hide. So ourContinue reading “Fear of failing is…”