Harmony: Think on purpose

Harmony: Think on purpose Hello, My Friends What are you thinking about most? How does this make you feel?We seldom take a moment to have a look at what we are thinking. Thoughts flash through our minds so fast, that we’re not even aware we had a thought. A thought is a sentence that weContinue reading “Harmony: Think on purpose”

Harmony: Emotional Label

Harmony: Emotional Labels Hello, My Friends Are you fighting resistance or are you flowing with it? This is a fabulous question. A question that increases our knowledge about ourselves.Today I want to talk about our emotions. The feelings we have in our body is a sensation. Which we feel as an emotion, these emotions areContinue reading “Harmony: Emotional Label”

Harmony: Flow with resistance and it disappears.

Harmony: Flow with resistance and it disappears. Hello, My Friends How is resistance a direction marker for you? Do you get that when you are feeling resistance to doing what you think you want to do, you are out of alignment with your harmony?AND you get to decide if you are going to stay inContinue reading “Harmony: Flow with resistance and it disappears.”

Harmony: Resistance is your friend.

Harmony: Resistance Is your friend. Hello, My Friends What are you feeling resistance to?Today I want to talk a bit more about resistance, and how we can use it as a guide to reading the map of our lives. If our aim to be in harmony within ourselves, and resistance is the absence of harmony,Continue reading “Harmony: Resistance is your friend.”

Harmony: The Thought Ladder

Harmony: The Thought Ladder Hello, My Friends What are you striving and pushing for? The way we do anything, is the way we experience that thing. Have you ever forced yourself to train for an event? You pushed yourself, you hated getting out of bed early to train, you moaned and grumbled the entire time.AndContinue reading “Harmony: The Thought Ladder”

Harmony: Resistance is tension

Harmony: Resistance is tension. Hello, My Friends What triggers emotions of well being within you?I am coming to the realization that life is supposed to be fun.By choosing lighter emotions and feelings we attract to ourselves lighter and easier ways of living. Being where we are is exactly where we are, and the more weContinue reading “Harmony: Resistance is tension”

Harmony: Triggers of emotion

Harmony: Triggers of emotion Hello, My Friends What harmonic feedback are you receiving through your emotions? Everything we see, feel, taste, touch, hear, know, and believe is feedback. Within this feedback we have been trained how to or how not to respond to the triggers of the vibrational energy flowing through our body. Today IContinue reading “Harmony: Triggers of emotion”

Harmony: Vibrational Feedback

Harmony: Vibrational Feedback Hello, My Friends What has to change for harmony to be a part of your life? Let’s look at this a little deeper. Our thoughts create everything. Without our thoughts thinking about a thing, does that thing exist? For change to occur we must become aware. Often we become aware of whatContinue reading “Harmony: Vibrational Feedback”

Harmony: Change from-to.

Harmony: Change from- to Hello, My Friends Do you want to live in harmony? What has to change for harmony to be a part of your life? You see, if we’re not feeling at peace within ourselves, something is out of harmony.If something is out of harmony, the only way to get into alignment withContinue reading “Harmony: Change from-to.”

Harmony: Is like steam.

Harmony Is like steam. Hello, My Friends This month we are talking about the topic of harmony.When do you know you are in harmony?What does harmony feel like to you? Harmony is being at peace, it is being friendly, co-operative and pleasant from your inside out. It is the positive inner state of feeling good,Continue reading “Harmony: Is like steam.”