Harmony: Ask Yourself Why?

Harmony: Ask yourself Why? Hello, My Friends Who are you? What is your “I AM” statement? Your I am statement is what will alter your view about yourself. What are you ashamed of?Your I am thoughts will reveal to you the things that you are hiding from. When you think thoughts about yourself that areContinue reading “Harmony: Ask Yourself Why?”

Harmony: Peace of mind

Harmony: Peace of mind Hello, My Friends Peace of mind is the result of forgiveness. Today I want to sow a few seeds of greatness in to the freshly cleaned garden of your mind.Remember I told you that “I am.” is the most important two words you can speak over yourself. I am is aContinue reading “Harmony: Peace of mind”

Harmony: Self-Forgiveness

Harmony: self forgiveness Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about self forgiveness. Self forgiveness is vital for you to live in harmony with yourself. Allow yourself to be imperfect, some where in our minds we think we have to be perfect.The perfect parent, the perfect partner, have and run the perfect business, beContinue reading “Harmony: Self-Forgiveness”

Harmony: Permission to do a “YOU TURN”

Harmony: Permission to do a “YOU TURN” Hello, My Friends Are you celebrating your successes?What you focus on grows, focus on what makes you feel fabulous. Today I want to talk about learning to like the person you are.Most of us have parts of our life, we keep hidden. Areas of our lives we areContinue reading “Harmony: Permission to do a “YOU TURN””

Harmony: Like attracts like

Harmony: Like attracts like. Hello, My Friends How does inspired action show up for you? I want you to get the sense of ease, and joy that comes with inspired action.It’s knowing you are in the right place at the right time, that there is no where else you are supposed to be.Once you stepContinue reading “Harmony: Like attracts like”

Harmony: Inspired Action

Harmony: Inspired Action Hello, My Friends Do you like what you have created? Do you like what you are creating?Thoughts create.The things that fill your mind are what are coming into being.If you are getting things you don’t like, then you are out of harmony.By shifting your thoughts to something that feels better, that soothesContinue reading “Harmony: Inspired Action”

Harmony: Thoughts are Powerful

Harmony: Thoughts are powerful Hello, My Friends We have the ability to create through our thoughts. The situations we find ourselves in may be due in part to our actions, or due to the actions of others and the way in which we have responded to them. The fabulous thing about our thoughts are, weContinue reading “Harmony: Thoughts are Powerful”

Harmony: Expand your six internal senses.

Harmony: Expand your six internal senses. Hello, My Friends External sense or Internal senses, which is dominant? What are your internal senses? As I mentioned yesterday, we are familiar with our external senses, these are the senses we have been trained to use through the education system, through our home environments, through the views ofContinue reading “Harmony: Expand your six internal senses.”

Harmony: External & Internal Senses

Harmony: External and Internal Senses Hello, My Friends Did you try one of the belief busters from yesterday?What is a belief?A belief is as varied as there are people, a belief is a way of thinking, a paradigm. It is a point of view that we see the world through. We have and hold beliefsContinue reading “Harmony: External & Internal Senses”

Harmony: Belief Buster

Harmony: Belief Buster Hello, My Friends What sensations do you want to feel in your body?Do you want to feel good, strong, at peace? Do you want to feel wealthy, like you don’t have to struggle?Do you want to feel loved, accepted and acceptable?Everything you do, you do it for the emotion you believe itContinue reading “Harmony: Belief Buster”